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Pushchair for big baby to sleep in on holiday

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FloozieFay Mon 06-Jul-15 13:19:11

Can anyone help with some pushchair advice please?
I'm not a big buggy user, mostly I use a carrier & the pushchair only tends to come out when we want to go out of an evening with a sleeping baby.

I've got an out'n'about that I love, but we're heading off on holiday in a couple of months & so need a buggy that packs away a lot smaller for taking away. Weight isn't an issue, just size. It also has to be suitable for a baby to sleep in for a couple of hours while we get dinner & enjoy our evenings.

I've had a good search & looked at many small/lightweight pushchairs mentioned on other people's threads, but none of them mention how good they are for sleeping & most of them have a weight limit of 15kg.
My 10 month old is nearly 12kg already so it would be good to get something that will last until it's not needed anymore. He's in proportion (same percentile line for both height & weight) so something that's suitable for his height as well & not just for fat babies!


Autumn2014 Mon 06-Jul-15 13:50:11

I've heard good things about the baby jogger city mini zip being a great holiday pushchair. it's a got a tiny fold, big hood for sunny days, almost full recline, adjustable footrest,

not sure about the weight limit but most stroller in the uk are only tested up to 15kg (sometimes other countries like the USA have the same product with a bigger weight limit). In the UK anything with a higher weight limit is usually a big all terrain pushchair and not suitable for travel.

NishyM Mon 06-Jul-15 14:14:54

My ICandy Raspberry has a weight limit of 25kg, lies completely flat for sleeping and folds with the seat on - I'm planning on taking it to Spain next month. Have you seen that one?

Autumn2014 Mon 06-Jul-15 14:23:31

Best buggy state the us weight limit for,the,zip at 24.9 kg.

FloozieFay Mon 06-Jul-15 15:27:55

Thanks for the replies. I've looked at the folded dimensions of the mentioned pushchairs:
Out'n'about without wheels on (my current one): 86x48x29
City Mini Zip: 75x32x26
Icandy Raspberry: 85.5x54x36.6

I'm hoping to find something second-hand so if anyone has any more suggestions of anything suitable that is small folded, it would be good to have a range to look for.


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