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Silly first-timer question!

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Sleepybeanbump Fri 03-Jul-15 13:25:10

Off on my first travel-system test driving trip tomorrow and have been doing lots of reading and browsing. There's one thing that has recently started occurring to me when I look at pictures of travel systems when they're in buggy mode....

How important is leg position for a child? Some seem to have very clearly adjustable seat positions so a little kid can have legs up out in front of then, some don't look adjustable. For older kids, some seem to have a reasonable wide flat plastic bar between the wheels that would act as a good footrest others don't look like the bar would make a very good footrest at all.

I'm thinking how uncomfortable I get when I sit in one position for ages, with feet down and resulting pressure on back of thighs (ie at a desk chair). This must be annoying in a buggy, right? Am I overthinking? Have I got this wrong? What should I be looking for and considering?

trilbydoll Fri 03-Jul-15 13:56:58

I've never considered this before but thinking about it, DD prefers the footrest bit tilted up on our Jane and she sits cross legged. If I leave it tilted down her feet are just hanging and she starts trying to get out.

She likes the baby jogger too, possibly because her feet are in a little footwell.

Ihateparties Fri 03-Jul-15 14:03:00

We've had both over time and both seemed to be fine in most cases. I guess I would favour an adjustable footrest if it was an option, it's especially useful up to age 12-18m imo. I wouldn't base my choice on that though, if the most suitable pushchair for me didn't have an adjustable footrest that would be ok.

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