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Joolz Day Handle

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a13wes Sun 28-Jun-15 12:28:00

My wife & I have been looking at pushchairs and really like the Joolz Day, however she's feels the stitching on the handle may be uncomfortable and annoy her when pushing. Has anyone else experienced this?

Do any of the handle variations not have the raised stitching on the inside?


Xanderpask Mon 29-Jun-15 11:46:24

Had one for 3 .5 years... just sold it in order to purchase a geo ... never noticed a problem with the when pushing it ..the most sensitive part of your fingers ( pads) don't naturally fall on in .. I have owned this Joolz / a city select and a city mini GT and this is the nicest push and handle!

DoloresLandingham Tue 30-Jun-15 21:25:15

It's absolutely fine.

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