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Joolz Geo vs Joolz Day

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JameRourke Sat 27-Jun-15 17:28:46

Hello all! This is my first message as an expectant father and having just got past the nerve wracking 20 week scan we're now ready to start the fun stuff and get preparing! My wife and I absolutely love the Joolz pushchair however due to the price we want to be absolutely sure that we're buying the right one - which begs the question - Geo or Day?? I like the Geo because the storage is great, and in case we do decide to have another wee one in a couple of years it can be turned into a double - but realistically does any of that matter? My wife loves the sleek look of the Day, and its got a more delicate, stylish aesthetic, but of course we want to make the best decision as its so expensive! Any help is much appreciated.

DoloresLandingham Sat 27-Jun-15 22:14:10

I have a Day. I'd have had a Geo, however, if it had existed when DD was born. The Day's basket is far too small.

Xanderpask Mon 29-Jun-15 11:38:37

Just sold my DAY, which I have owned for 3 years and am waiting for the Geo to arrive ..... Explanation... it can be single or double. ( Honestly ... people should consider this point with child number 1 to avoid having to change over with child number 2, as its not just the pram its all the accessories too !!) In single mode far more storage on GEO. The fold is easier, has a clip to keep it closed in folded position on the Geo. ( Both of which have been annoying on the DAY ) There are fabrics rather than separate frames for carrycot and seat which is easier for storage. The Brakes for the front wheels on the DAY stick out .. every time i get it out the car, they seem to have been clipped on, on the Geo they are on top, so I'm hoping this won't happen! Honestly I know what you mean re the look and when I first saw the GEO i was like .. oh i prefer my day .. then i looked practically at it ... which is easier to do once reality of the awesome small dudes hits home .. and I'm hoping the GEO will live up to my expectations.

DoloresLandingham Mon 29-Jun-15 12:10:55

Xanderpask, if you'll forgive a cheeky question - may I ask what you got for your Day?

Xanderpask Mon 29-Jun-15 18:01:58

I have sold bits separately to the pram to make more money ... made £430 in total ( just in case my husband reads this we also had a second hand double city select bought for our childcare arrangements that I've sold for the same price we paid for it to pay .... as we didn't think about other children when buying the DAY) ......which nearly pays for my GEO ......hoping that this will be a compromise to recent issues of trying to take baby and toddler out together ... DAY + buggy board, no where to put changing bag CITY SELECT plenty of storage but felt like I was pushing a HGV ! fingers crossed!

JamesRourke Wed 01-Jul-15 09:26:27

Thanks very much to you both for your responses, if only they made a larger basket for the Day! Xanderpask, we're due on 12th November so there's still time for us to decide - would you be able to update me on how you found the Geo compared to the Day once you've used it for a couple of weeks please? That would be fantastic and the only real way to know for sure!

Xanderpask Wed 01-Jul-15 11:48:57

Will do JamesRourke

Xanderpask Fri 10-Jul-15 11:53:12

Hi James, and co ...week 1 completed. I'll document this over the next few weeks, as with "baby brain," I might forget bits. So Adventures we have had this week with pram; dog walks, trip to town, trip to park, family picnic at Regatta, ( train ride), weekly shop? pre school run drop off pick up. Good points Storage ++ ( I have the panier bags as well ) which was great for the big day out and weekly shop) heat wave love the hood is bigger than on the day, ( and my DAY didn't have the mesh part of the hood) loved this not only for getting some air circulating but also because when she is awake she can see out and participate. I have a large Saloon, pram very easy to get in and out of the boot; no bruises on shins this week because over the day it has a clip and I love the fold! Material is more functional than on the day ... Toddler split his water on the pram top No issues ... On the DAY the baby would have been a bit damp....Bad Points steering is nice but not as nice as the Day, when going up and down curbs ( this is built to be converted to a double ) you notice the difference ... Looks good but not as good as the day issues outstanding that I'm waiting to hear from Joolz about ... Buggy board even with geo adapters slides on top of the brake when in use. The coffee cup fits on the changing bag bit rather than having a clip, which means it is in the preschoolers way on his buggy board ... So I am locating coffee cup with day clip somewhere else on pram ... Buggy board doesn't gold nicely into hep like it does on the day so having to take it off and put back on a lot .... Overall week 1 GEO wins ...

Xanderpask Sun 19-Jul-15 21:36:02

Weeks 2&3 activity shopping centres, swimming, fayres, family BBQ, dog walks pre school runs. Good points Joolz service; sent them a film of the buggy board skidding apparently there was a bit missing and its en route to me. Fold and clip ... I can wear a skirt as I have no bruises shins... the fact you can pull it along on the tyres with the nifty handle ...actually going up and down pavements not too bad now ( think I was a bit scared of pressing on the handle as the fold mechanism
Is similar ... But now I'm used to it it's fab. Nursery bag expands with a zip round the middle so when I have both kids I have it in large mode and just the one doesn't look like I'm carrying everything and the kitchen sink around with me! Had my parents down ( who bought me the day and so I had them a test drive ..) my mum is disabled she had polio as a kid, we were able to put the handle down so short and the frame was so light she could push it/hold on to it and walk her and the baby from car to coffee shop... she was absolutely delighted ... She has never been able to push other grandchildren in a pram ... With thoughts of this clouding my judgement .. Can't think of any bad points GEO definitely the winner !

a13wes Thu 30-Jul-15 23:57:00

Hi Guys,

We were set on the day until this thread! My wife still prefers the look of the day but the Geo does seem to be more practical!

Still loving the Geo Xanderpask? What did you go for James?

Xanderpask Mon 10-Aug-15 13:54:23

Yes still loving my Geo. My husband doesn't get frustrated with the fold ( which always used to start days out putting the pram in the car badly.... ) So much easier to go into London with ( only did it once on train and tube with the DAY as the chassis was so difficult to carry with the baby in one hand ... the GEO you can just pull on its back wheels, brilliant! )... I completely understand where your wife is coming from with the "look" of the DAY I did love looking at it, but didn't always love using it at times especially when number 2 arrived and i had to carry the nursery bag flapping around me on my shoulder pushing both the children as the storage was so small .. part of the look thing .... is to do with the increase in hood size... its short on the DAY so I permanently had the UV sunshade thing attached to it .. the GEO is much better... which will be appreciated more in pushchair mode ...The rain cover is made of a material that means it can be folded really compactly which I haven't seen on any other pram, its brilliant that you can keep this with you at all times without it taking up the majority of the storage area ...

Loubarella Mon 14-Mar-16 17:35:18


I just found this thread and wondered if you were still liking your Geo Xanderpask? I have the Joolz Day at the moment but am pregnant again and my little boy will be 20 months when new baby arrives. I had a problem with the leather handle bar fraying on my day and Joolz have messed up collection so have offered a new replacement chassis, I was thinking about asking for money off a Geo instead but keen to hear from anyone who has the Geo. I really love the look and feel of the Day and will be sad to change it! Thanks

Xanderpask Thu 28-Jul-16 07:23:17

Sorry Loubarella, only just seen this! Yes I still ♥️ My geo. I still maintain it doesn't have the looks of the day, but what it looses in looks makes up for in practicality ...I have the side bags so I can walk to supermarket and do a full weekly shop with 1 child on board with this set up!!

KTmamaoftwo Tue 17-Oct-17 13:10:04

Hi Xanderpask, also quite late finding this thread...

How did/does the storage work for you when you had baby + toddler on board? I'm trying to decide between Geo duo and Bugaboo Donkey duo, having been used to massive storage of Bugaboo Buffalo. The narrow width of the Geo appeals to me though.

Thanks :-)

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