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What's the best pram for me

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AprilShowers15 Thu 25-Jun-15 12:23:35

We have a Bugaboo Buffalo pram but it's massive and doesn't fit in my car (Citroen C1 Second Generation). I can get the frame in with a wheel off but then I need to put the carry cot in my backseat and I can't get any shopping in the boot. My partner have a Volvo XC60 so his boot is massive and he can fit the Buffalo in the boot no bother. We were given the Buffalo as a gift so had money to spare and bought a city mini zip but I don't love it for a newborn.

I would really like a full pram system as I will use it more often than the buffalo and would like a carrycot and parent facing option too. Budget isn't an issue as I want to get the best thing for us.

I would like a single handle bar, large hood, ok sized basket, lightweight, small fold.
I did like the mima xari but I can't find much online about it.

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