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Winter and just turning two with a newborn

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mygreeneyedboy Wed 24-Jun-15 13:43:55

DS will be turning two in the winter, we are also moving country to a very very cold and snowy country. DC2 will make their appearance in Feb 16, so mid winter really.

Right now we have our first (and very expensive) travel system in the garage, the pushchair seat is broken, so we only have the pram part, and there is not basket underneath. We also have a cheap mama & papa's buggy which we use at the moment. The first should survive snow, but I doubt the cheap one will..

When DC2 arrives, I could use a sling, or I could get DS to use a buggy board (if it fits on our first travel system!?). But does he at 2y2m need a pushchair himself? - We'll be living in a city - out and about, using trains a lot.

Finally, any suggestions if I should be buying something else? (Bearing in mind DP is freaking out about relocation and baby no2 costs...)

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