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Double pushchair for nannyshare

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Peabody81 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:54:14


My 1 year old daughter is starting a nanny share next month with another baby of a similar age and so we need a double pram. I am tossing up getting a rumble seat for our Uppababy Vista vs getting a new (secondhand) double pushchair.

Ideally I'd like something that fits through our front door, so not a side by side one and our nanny is quite slight and so nothing too heavy.

Any recommendations very gratefully received!

Xanderpask Tue 30-Jun-15 00:24:46

Try speaking to your nanny about what she has used before that she liked .... I would buy a separate second hand one for the share ... As inevitably when it is used by others they don't take care like you do .... And then there will be no disagreements if and when the nanny share splits up about damage to your pushchair .... We bought a city select for our nanny share ( nanny also little..) she liked
It whilst the children where very small as they could face each other etc ... but would have preferred something lighter like BJ City mini side by side as they got older

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Fri 10-Jul-15 15:53:24

Every single nanny we interviewed for a nanny share for two 7 mo all said that they wanted a side by side, so we bought a brand new McClaren and didn't split the cost as we were hoping to have a second child within a year and thought we'd get use out of it. It was really heavy, had to be semi collapsed to get it through the front door of each home [victorian terraces] and neither family had the space to store it really over a weekend when they had their own prams for their PFB's !

They steer badly with only one child in it, the handle bars are not extendable and there's a middle set of tyres just in the right spot to be stepped on continuously. You have to get on the middle doors of a bus and if there's anyone else on board already the bus will refuse to add you in.

Bear in mind that the pram needs to be moved between homes when you switch over [if you do] houses, and if you want to avoid three prams being in the "on" house [drop off pram, house pram and double buggy] then one family has to use the double to go back and forth every day. Maybe there was a smarter way of doing it but we hated that sodding pram within weeks. The City Mini has a much better reputation among friends with twins.

Given that they will be walking sooner rather than later so a pram is more of a means of getting them from A to B quickly I'd personally buy a decent second hand P&T and ensure that one child doesn't always end up in the rear seat.

Wisteria1979 Fri 10-Jul-15 15:56:09

City jogger mini is fab. Narrow side by side, v quick and easy to fold and with the divider they can't fight. And you can get second hand relatively cheap as they are not too pricey to start.

Christelle2207 Fri 10-Jul-15 15:59:36

I have the vista rumble seat for my 2013 vista. Is ok for some short journeys but not for general use. Rumble seat is very upright and only suitable for a relatively short period of time. Baby jogger doubles are in favour around here and there are loads on ebay. I have a single version and rate it.

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