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2.5yr old and newborn.. help!?

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MrsN2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 00:07:17

20 weeks pregnant our little girl will be 2 and a half when baby due. Struggling to find pushchair/travel system. Dont drive so need one but get lifts & taxis so needs to go in boot. Dont want a double or tandem as little girl will be in playschool 3 days a week. Hate the idea of baby being underneath, and need shopping basket space.
The only pushchair/system I've found is the baby jogger city select where you can have stroller seat & car seat.
Does anyone know of any other pushchairs that can do this?

CordeliaFoxx Wed 24-Jun-15 00:11:14

How about getting a nice pram/travel set (whatever you prefer) and a buggy board? My DS loved his and gave him a rest when he didn't want to walk anymore

MrsN2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 00:38:20

We have got a buggy board but she doesn't like it, and she still has a short nap in the afternoon so if we are out she wont walk or stand she will just sit on floor or try and climb in pushchair :/

CordeliaFoxx Wed 24-Jun-15 01:14:13

Not sure then, when I had 2 year old and newborn I had a double for when they were both with me and a single for nursery time (had a bit of a buggy addiction tbh!)

captainproton Wed 24-Jun-15 02:10:03

I've got oystermax it can fit in boot but it you need to take seats off. My eldest uses the bottom seat as a buggy board and will still sometimes curl up down there when tired she is nearly 3 and we've had it since she was 14 months and baby has always had the top seat. It's very easy to steer with one hand, narrow and you can clip a car seat on the top bit with adapters instead of the top seat. Believe top seat is suitable from birth.

JellyTipisthebest Wed 24-Jun-15 02:11:20

so you want a pushchair where you can take one seat off and it become a single.
mountain buggy deut. one seat comes of and is replaced with a bag
bugaboo donkey does loads of different things
oyster max
uppa baby vista

You have a while yet alot can change in 20weeks she may like the board by then.

madwomanbackintheattic Wed 24-Jun-15 02:34:06

Didn't ever have a double buggy until we got a chariot.
Until that point, toddler was in buggy and newborn-6mo was in carrier. Then either in backpack or buggy and the pre-schooler walked.
It was trickier when I had three under 4, but we did the same thing - middle one went in buggy, youngest got carried somehow, oldest walked. Youngest has disability, so didn't get out of buggies until 5 when she switched to a wc - I'm glad she wasn't the oldest as she couldn't walk lol. Really, past 3, she was the only one in a buggy. There is no reason for any kid over three to be in a buggy unless sn, and tbh she probably won't be napping by then (unless you extend it deliberately so you can try a get a break yourself). But you can get another 6 mos of her in the buggy if you want by just carrying the baby.

silversixpence Wed 24-Jun-15 07:59:15

I have the same age gap and have a single (easywalker mosey) and a double (Oyster Max). Between them they cover all the options! I could use the Oyster as a single but it is wider and bulkier folded. I use the double maybe 2-3 times a week but it is so useful I wouldn't be without it.

Christelle2207 Wed 24-Jun-15 08:09:11

I have a 22mo and 1mo. We are doing ok at the moment with baby in sling. In time baby will go in buggy and toddler will walk or go on the board. But not sure re. what to do when older kid wants to nap if he still does. We have two single buggies tho so if we do a big expedition we can take two buggies assuming dh is coming too.
An stubbornly resisting getting a double!

MomentOfWonder Wed 24-Jun-15 08:31:03

We have very kindly been lent a double but I'm also putting off using it as I don't drive and fear using it on public transport! Baby is 5 months old and so far a combination of single buggy, carrier and buggy board have been fine. Our elder child is now 2.5 and still needs the buggy to sleep in sometimes so when the baby is too heavy for me to carry very far I'll have to brave the double but I hope it won't be for too long, especially as toddler is in nursery part-time .... We've only used ours once so far so I think it can work to wait and see how you will actually use it when the time comes before making a big investment.

MrsN2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 11:00:09

Thank you, got a couple to choose from now.. Just got to choose :/

NishyM Wed 24-Jun-15 22:31:32

ICandy Peach! Mine is a single at the moment but I plan to use it as a double soon, if the videos online are anything to go by it's really easy to switch between the two.

Roseotto Thu 25-Jun-15 17:55:10

I had a Phil n teds in this position and sold it for a great price after 8 months or so as nearly new and still under warranty.

Shopachocaholic Mon 06-Jul-15 20:45:20

I am currently using a Peach Blossom 3 with my newborn and two year-old. The baby is in the carrycot facing away from me which takes up most of the basket but you can use a car seat facing you instead which gives you more basket room (Google the configurations and you will see what I mean). I usually bung both children in and once I have dropped DS off at the crèche I leave his seat there (it is easy and quick to take apart) then turn the baby's carrycot around and put it in the main position which gives me all the shopping basket space but does mean that I have to dash home and empty the basket before going to pick DS up again and putting his seat back on.

In Blossom mode, the iCandy has the footprint of a single and the basket is large when used in single mode. I think it is a great solution but it might be difficult/bulky for buses. As with all prams/buggies, there are pros and cons.

cleoteacher Mon 06-Jul-15 22:41:10

Bugaboo donkey. I have it for my newborn and 2.5 yo. Toddler is in childcare 2 days a week so wanted something could be a double when I have both and a single when I have newborn only. Didn't want to mess around with two prams either.

It's quite bulky though especially when in double mode but I love mine. Comes with big price tag too but I got mine second hand.

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