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experience with Joolz Geo??

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Xanderpask Tue 23-Jun-15 10:28:38

i have loved my joolz day but was slight annoyed with lack of storage, the fold, ( lack of clip) has anyone got any experience with Geo ... looks like a few of the old issues have been addressed its expandable ;-) which will suit
so before number 2 arrives i'm thinking of selling the day and buying the geo... has anyone got any real life experience of it ... any issues?

Lilipot15 Wed 01-Jul-15 12:03:50

Was difficult to get hold of, and we're still borrowing a bit of it from the store. Actual buggy itself seems good, folds easier than our chameleon. Toddler loves it. Baby carrycot sturdy and higher off the ground than other similar doubles we looked at.
I have bought a generic wrist strap as I got used to having that as a safety feature on the chameleon.
Seems a rip off that rain covers have to be bought separately, and no storage that I can see at all in the double version- I was thinking even a little pocket for the rain covers would be good. Only realised that once bought though. In the single set up, the basket is nice and big.

Xanderpask Fri 10-Jul-15 12:07:29

Hi Lilipot, thank you ... I took the plunge before I have seen your response ... I ordered mine from A babyshop in NED and it arrived complete 72 hours later... Which I thought was great! Agree love the fold .... I have invested in the the Saddle Bags ( pannier bags) one on each side so I can walk and do my weekly shop ... Liking it, but does make pram wider. I too was surprised re the raincover as an extra ... But have found in a sudden shower this week the material was quiet waterproof ( whilst I worked out how to get the raincover on ...) however the rain cover came with its own case that velcros on at the front the frame which I think is brilliant, it also packs always very compactly...

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