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Bugaboo Chameleon or Jane Epic (or Uppababy Vista/Cruz)

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Ladypug Sun 21-Jun-15 23:47:38

Just that really, like Bugaboo Chameleon and Jane Epic and can't decide. My dad has seen Uppababy models and says they are good too.


Not too heavy
Easy to collapse
Easy to manoeuvre in alleys
Suitable for coastal paths and cobbles

Open to all comments and experience...

ColdCottage Sun 21-Jun-15 23:49:14

Vista, you will never look back

Ladypug Sun 21-Jun-15 23:50:27

Thanks cold, what makes it good?

ColdCottage Mon 22-Jun-15 21:29:39

Great on all services - we live in a small village so bumpy farm tracks etc.

Built in sun shade which is factor 50 on carry cot and seat unit. All extras such as mesh nets and rain covers for both units included.

Simple to put up and down (I was I'll when DS was born so had to instruct lots of people verbally how to do it). Fits in nearly all card simply - though with my SIL's fiat 500 the base had to go on the back seat, my sis polo was fine though.

No need for a Moses basket as the carry cot has a proper mattress with vent and is much more stable than a Moses basket which DS preferred. He also used it to sleep in until he was 6 months when we stayed at other people houses.

Faces both ways for seat and collapses with seat attached facing forward.

You can buy covers in all the colours, or mix and match. Work out about £30 per item. I bought the black unit and then the jade hood for the carry cot.

The new units have been designed so you can have a carry cot and seat on one frame for when you have number two.

I'd also recommend the Cybex Sirona for your car seat. Super comfy, rear facing up to birth - 4yrs and turns to face you to lift baby in and out - saves your back plus they have some ace colours.

The Oxford Pram Centre have great online prices. Better than John Lewis (for vista) and great customer service and after care.

Only down size is its quite wide so not great in the sales in town but does have a great GIANT basket. Sister pram the CRUZ is slightly narrower and has all the same pros and fits the same carrycot.

NishyM Tue 23-Jun-15 16:49:26

I would recommend ICandy Peach - folds really small and I use my carrycot instead of a moses basket, plus I was a bit worried when I saw the different double options for the VISTA - some of them have the newborn baby overhanging the front of the pram meaning it would be the first thing to stick out when I was crossing the road!

HettyB Wed 01-Jul-15 14:31:03

I think it depends where you live, what your lifestyle is like. I was weighing up the Bugaboo against the Vista, and as we live in London Ive gone with the Bugaboo as the Vista is 3.5kg heavier and I couldn't face trying to lug that up steps on the tube!

Artandco Wed 01-Jul-15 14:36:55

I wouldn't go for any of those if you want not heavy and easy to collapse.

The cameleon is lovely. We used for 2 children over 4 years. But it is heavy, and a pain to fold. Anything you have to take apart in two pieces to fold is not convenient imo

You want about and about nipper. It's what we used in ski resorts and great on beach and cobbles. Folds in one piece. Super Light to push but slightly heavy to lift ( lighter than cameleon though)

KateHorsman Tue 07-Jul-15 23:08:27

We went with Chameleon after debating between that & the vista.
We love it & really happy with the choice. Been out with friends with the vista (who are generally very happy with it) & only negative is that it does seem quite wide. It's got great extra features though.
Can't help on Jane Epic feedback unfortunately.
Good luck with the decision!

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