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Is cosatto giggle 2 2015 lighter than 2014 model?

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Mamamia321 Sat 20-Jun-15 00:07:21

I have just bought a second hand cosatto giggle 2 pixelette thinking it was the 2015 model. I have since realised that came out last year. The seller said she did not use it for more than ten weeks- and you can still buy them - but the wheels look a little worn to me and there arevsome wool balks on cosy toes. At any rate it was through gumtree and it's done now...
Thing is I have bad back and was buying it thinking base weighs 6.1 kg and other c omponents 3 or 4 but I think base is 6. 5 and others heavier. There are very differing weights listed on Internet sites. Does anyone know if this years models at significantly lighter or am I splitting hairs and fretting pointlessly?

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