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Mountain buggy duet/Out & About Nipper double - seat width

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quesadillas Thu 18-Jun-15 10:24:22


Expecting twins in a few months and researching pushchairs. I love both of the above, but have some concerns about the size of the seats. They look extremely narrow, and the Nipper seats also look very shallow. As well as twins, I also have a toddler so at first may need to have him in pushchair sometimes with one twin, and sling the other twin. Unfortunately toddler wasn't with me when I looked at pushchairs, so I couldn't try him in it, but I doubt he'd fit comfortably, and he's not a particularly big toddler. Any experiences of how old a child you've used either of these for? I've read that often twins use pushchairs longer than singletons on average so want to make sure I'm getting the right pushchair. I'd ideally like to not have to get another if twins outgrow one.


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