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Anyone else having problems with the wheels on the Cruz?

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CremeDeSudo Tue 16-Jun-15 14:52:33

We got an Uppababy Cruz two years ago from John Lewis. Absolutely love it. Really great pram. Used it lots.

Then a year ago, both the back wheels split sad Still usable, but if you spend the best part of 400 quid on a pram, you expect the wheels to last more than a year!

Took them back to John Lewis who arranged replacement wheels with Uppababy. No complaints at all with this process. JL were brilliant and it reminded me why I'd decided to buy my pram there!

No we're 11 months later, and the back wheel has split again!! I'm so annoyed! Have been back to JL today and they're speaking with Uppababy.

Has anyone else had these issues? Surely it can't just be us?! I was hoping I'd be OK to keep this pram for my second DC!

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