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Mothercare worst staff evee

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Moska1992 Fri 12-Jun-15 01:30:51

Hey guys I'm new to mumsnet blush purely for this rant that I am about to post I have already left a horrible review on the worst pushchair ever but I will start at the beginning of my horroble experience.angry
I bought my daughter the mothercare expedior pushchair as it was in my budget at the time hoping it will be great. at first I had problems with adjusting the handle bar as it was very stiff and wouldn't work properly and just stick, I got over that problem as the more I used it it was easier to use. Just as that problem got better I would be pushing the pushchair and it would suddenly stop in the middle of the road the brakes would come on itself or I would have the brakes on and it will come of by itself which I thought was weird so I took it into store and when I took It to mothercare they didn't understand my problem as it would be working perfectly fine in front of them (just like my daughter if she has a cough she would be perfectly fine in front of the Dr. But when we get home it starts up again wink) so they told me to go home and if it keeps persisting to come back. Well it did keep happening and I just thought it would be pointless if I go back they were probably going to say the same thing to me so one day as it just was happening too much I thought enough is enough I'm going to take it back so before I left for mothercare I spoke to customer services the lady I spoke to was really understanding and said that I should take it to the store, so I set of in the bus to take the buggy I put the buggys brake on and went to sit as I'm pregnant again grin but as I went to sit the brake came of and my daughter fell with the buggy and she bumped her head on the side of the pushchair luckily my daughter only had a tiny bump to her head but I was so angry and embarrassed as a few horrib people on the bus started giggling I then went to mothercare explained my problem and then as I took my daughter out of the pushchair to put her in the loan buggy they provided us with I notice damage to the seat and I took it off to see what the damage was to show the guy that served me and it was making a rattling noise and it was cracked and wasn't safe for my daughter so I showed the guy and he said oh you don't need to worry about this the brakes are the important thing to check the seat is fine there is very little damage to it . I explained to him that I don't feel comfortable about my daughter sitting in a cracked buggy and please can u get the repair guy to check it out so he agreed I then went home and a week later he called me up saying the buggy is ready to collect so I went in the next day and the guy that had originally served me was there but it was like he was avoiding me so a lady at the desk called MAGDA (in Brent cross mothercare) was sitting and I gave her my receipt and she went to get the buggy from the back and when she eventually came she just handed over my receipt and my buggy and didn't even tell me what repairs had been done and she just left with out telling me what to do with the loan buggy so I dedied to inspect the buggy and noticed that the brakes where completely new and knew that it was a faulty brake the whole time and so I was pleased to know that the fall was because of the brakes so I checked the seat and they hadn't even sorted it out or replaced it so I called over Magda and told her what I shouuld to with the loan buggy and she aaid just leave it here and then I told her they have not fixed the broken seat and I don't feel comfortable putting my daughter in there and she asked me how it happened so I told her it fell in the bus due to the brake and she started shouting at me Blaming me saying it was my fault tags the buggy fell and I should be holding onto the buggy at all times and how because it was MY fault I wastn covered for them to fix it but I told her that the brakes where faulty and it was clearly a faulty buggy how is that my fault and it basically ended in me leaving the shop in tears and I didn't even ask to see the manager as I was soo upset that I wanted to leave asap sad I feel so violated and I am so mad that I have been through this and I just wanted to rant about it online somewhere so im really sorry if I am coming across as crazy but I really don't know what to doconfused

GlitterTwinkleToes Fri 12-Jun-15 02:57:41

Ask hq to change the names and store location. Way too much information there.

It's shit they way you've been treated. Write a letter of complaint, phone them escalate it further.

You did have a dodgy xpedior by the sounds of it. I had that pushchair (best one out of five!)

You should have been holding the buggy mind! Buses are notorious for braking hard (or maybe just where I live) and being pregnant is no excuse for leaving your child unattended! It's not mothercares fault your child got hurt. Bearing in mind the seat shouldn't have cracked with that sort of impact, did you not have the guarantee with you to get a new replacement?

GlitterTwinkleToes Fri 12-Jun-15 03:00:12

And what part of the seat was cracked? It's basically metal and fabric. Be bloody hard to crack metal with a fall from the bus. Had you been careless with the pushchair before?

Wishful80smontage Fri 12-Jun-15 03:13:33

Keep persisting with customer services- mother care aren't the best in my experience I had a faulty baby seat and I had to go down to store, call store several times and call their main customer services until I got a decent response - staff in house pretty terrible.
Branded stuff I've had from there had been fine but I wouldn't buy another pricey mothercare ' sown product after baby chair l- was pram mothercare or a named make?

Moska1992 Fri 12-Jun-15 10:24:12

No my pram is in immaculate condition and the metal bit didn't break its the black bit where u attach the seat to the frame that plasticky bit

Moska1992 Fri 12-Jun-15 10:26:23

I'm going to email them and I went to mamas and papas just to show them my fault and they said that it has to be fixed by mothercare because I still have the guarantee left but I'm dreading going into store so I will send them an email

Moska1992 Fri 12-Jun-15 10:28:43

Hi it was the mothercare expedior

GlitterTwinkleToes Fri 12-Jun-15 13:16:40

Shit you was really unlucky that it Happened!! Thankfully your daughter was okay.
If you can, get in writing what mamas and papas has said and all further correspondence make sure you leave a paper trail. It'll boost your chances of getting either a replacement or cash back, threaten them that you are getting legal advice as they're breaking the sales of.good act and the item was faulty.

Escalate, escalate, escalate. Good luck smile

Moska1992 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:09:51

Hi thanks for your replies, I have since found an email address for the head office and emailed them and they got back to me really quickly and luckily they have offered me an exchange so I'm very happy with them they have also assured me that the staff at the store will have further customer service training and I shouldn't have been treated like that so overall I am happy with the service the head office did smile

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