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Most compact buggy when folded for 2.5 yr old?

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DreadfulSpiller Mon 01-Jun-15 13:45:59

We're going camping in the summer to France for 2 weeks and the car will be Rammed ... DH is making noises about not bringing a buggy ... But that would be a disaster ... DD is pretty chunky toddler size.

It would only be for camping tbh so am happy to find something on eBay etc, but just don't know where to start. We've got a bugaboo cam3 and a macclaren quest, so need something much smaller than the maclaren tbh. Please help!!!

2LittleFishes Mon 01-Jun-15 13:52:11

It your not bother about a full recline, the Quinny Zappa it's super small when folded!

Just make sure it's the older one with the built in seat unit rather than removable one, I sold outs on eBay a few months ago for 80ish but you could print get a bargain!

2LittleFishes Mon 01-Jun-15 13:53:04

*Zapp bloody autocorrect

DreadfulSpiller Mon 01-Jun-15 16:45:15

Thanks, will take a look. If they're an old model hopefully there is a bargain to be had. OK for a tall 2.5 yr old you think? Wouldn't be trekking miles with it, but when they're shattered you just sometimes need to bundle them into the buggy screaming! confused

lentilpot Mon 01-Jun-15 20:23:39

A baby jogger city mini would work if you can get one cheap enough - it's a very flat fold so can slide in on top of luggage.

DreadfulSpiller Mon 01-Jun-15 20:47:47

Thanks, will take a look at measurements on that one too, they look a bit sturdier tbh as well

ShelaghTurner Mon 01-Jun-15 20:49:46

Baby jogger city mini Zip. It's incredibly small when folded, less than half the size of a standard city mini fold.

ThatsWotSheSaid Mon 01-Jun-15 21:02:34

Mcclaren Volo. You can get them on eBay very cheap.

noblegiraffe Mon 01-Jun-15 21:14:59

Why not just a basic pushchair like this:

There's nothing to it so it takes hardly any room.

Trumpton Mon 01-Jun-15 21:17:57

That Hauck pushchair is the one I use for DGD when she is shattered. She is nearly 3 and still is happy in it.

DreadfulSpiller Mon 01-Jun-15 22:21:00

Ooh thanks all, lots of research to do! It's really going to be down to the tiniest I can find ... The tent is BIG!

Amybabygypsyqueen Mon 01-Jun-15 22:25:39

My 3 year old is in the baby jogger zip asleep at the min, loads of room and folds tiny

DuhNuh Mon 01-Jun-15 22:26:43

There's an umbrella buggy in the Aldi deals at the moment that is absolutely tiny folded down - and was less than £20. It is v basic but if it is just for holiday and pushing around a tired toddler, and you want to take up as little space as possible it could work? With the best will in the world a baby jogger city mini is still going to take up a chunk of space. A cheap umbrella buggy can be laid down in the foot well of the back of the car.

DeathMetalMum Tue 02-Jun-15 20:45:56

Babyzen yoyo and recaro easylife are also v small folding but still come up v expensive second hand.

IUseAnyName Sat 06-Jun-15 15:04:23

Mountain buggy nano

SpikeWearingACoat Sat 06-Jun-15 15:12:04

Quirky yezz it is tiny, it also has a strap so you can carry it like a rucksack when folded. I used one with my chunky DC until he was 3

SpikeWearingACoat Sat 06-Jun-15 15:12:38


bittapitta Sat 06-Jun-15 15:14:42

Baby Zen Yoyo for sure.

WLondonMum Sat 06-Jun-15 15:23:41

Definitely a Quinny Zapp as they fold down very small indeed and the seat is huge (my four year old has the occasional ride!). More importantly they are super easy to push which for me is a huge issue with an older/heavier child.

GoMommaItsaBargain Sat 13-Jun-15 18:41:14

Mountian buggy nano folds very small but decent size seat for toddler, comfy and easy to push, (fold is amazing , I love mine! ) fits in overhead locker as carry on luggage

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