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Buggy for tall mum

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PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Sun 31-May-15 20:20:33

We have an old Bee which has seen us through three kids. It is now a bit knackered and DD2 can generally manage without a buggy board.

So I am thinking of getting a new maclaren type for DS (1). I need a fairly high handle (or handles), ability to lie flat and a decent basket. Also thinking maclaren type price bracket.

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone have suggestions? Haven't looked at buggies/prams for 6 years and I'm overwhelmed!

NishyM Wed 03-Jun-15 19:55:03

An ICandy Raspberry may have what you need - mine has a good long handle, lots of basket space and is lie flat so I don't have to worry about buying at extra carry cot.

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