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Mutsy Igo or Nuna Mixx

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Magnolia123 Sat 30-May-15 04:24:49

Has anyone seen both of these in real life and have any opinions regarding the differences and which one is best? They look very similar and both are in the same price range (I'm in the U.S.)

I'm looking for something from birth, parent facing, and sturdy. I don't mind a little extra weight but do want to be able to lift it into my trunk every once in a while, size is not a big deal though. Additionally, I want it to be a nice long distance walking stroller. The walks will be mostly smooth pavement but it'd be nice to be able to go through a little bit of "terrain", but nothing major. I wonder how either of these would do on a little bit of bumpy ground/uneven dirt...? In general I like seats that lay flat instead of keeping the seated position (e.g. Vista).

I've also considered the Mountain Buggy "Luxury", BJ Versa GT (don't like the seat but like everything else), and the Easywalker Mosey/Mini (can't find them here though). Open to opinions on these and others as well. Thank you!

silversixpence Sat 30-May-15 13:55:58

I have recently sold my Mutsy Igo after using it for 18 months with my daughter. Advantages were the great lie flat seat, lovely fabrics and design, very sturdy and the chassis folds very flat. However it is only a small fold without the wheels and seat and it does not fold with the seat reversed which is how I always used it. I wasn't happy with the lack of suspension so Mutsy kindly agreed to send me the Air wheels for free, which were some improvement but not entirely smooth. I found turning it a little heavy but I am 5'2" so if you are taller it would probably be easier. I did find my wrists felt strained if I was using it for a long time.

I have replaced it with the Easywalker Mosey for DC3 and prefer it as it is much lighter to push, can fold with seat facing either way and is suitable from birth. It is fine on grass and pavement, not tried anything which is rougher terrain but I expect it would be ok. It also has a very comfortable lie flat seat. The only disadvantage for me is that it is still a little heavy to lift once folded (probably a bit too much for the tube for example) and the colours and fabrics are not as nice.

Ihateparties Sat 30-May-15 19:09:42

Are you in the states? The Nuna mixx is the joie chrome here, whilst I really liked it and it is generally great value I wouldn't choose it as a walking pushchair, especially if you want to go over any real terrain.

The most recent igo has suspension, I don't know what difference it makes though.

I don't know if easywalker are in the US at the moment but as above there have been many many mini/mosey recommendations on here of late. The original mini was being sold off very cheaply recently as there has been an updated version.

I really like the look of the new valco reversible seat version of the snap 4. I had a snap 3 with air tyre kit on for a long time and it was a great pushchair for walking, light, robust and compact. If hell froze over and I had another baby I would almost certainly import one of the new reversible seat ones grin

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