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Kiddicare Mooch Fault

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SazMcStan Fri 29-May-15 20:19:10

I bought a Kiddicare Mooch travel system last year in their big sale. It was one of the last prams in the Aintree store and was dramatically reduced and hard to say no to! Ive noticed that one of the sides doesn't click in to place properly and this makes the car seat or carry cot wonky when put in. The pram also occasionally collapses in on itself which I think is down to it not clicking in.

I have spoken to Kiddicare and after A LOT of emails back and forth and quite a few phone calls they finally agreed to give me a loan pram and collect this one for repair. (I found customer service awful but that's beside the point.)

They sent a new base for the Mooch so that I can still attach the car seat and carry cot part yesterday and when I put it all together everything clicked in place. I've pushed the baby round in it all day and only folded it up earlier this evening but I've just put it up again and it's not clicking again! I've pulled as hard as I can and so has my partner but nothing!

Anyone else found this? Any advice on what to do? I know it was fairly cheap and you get what you pay for but this fault is dangerous and I expect no matter how little a pram costs that it at least keeps the baby safe!

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