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Bugaboo buffalo vs. joolz geo

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sjdevers Wed 27-May-15 18:50:46

Hi there,
I am looking for some advice regarding the best choice between buffalo and the joolz geo. we have an 8 year old who plays football/rugby/cricket all weekend, every weekend so need something super robust for pushing over fields etc.
any help would be gladly appreciated!


Becky2208 Wed 27-May-15 18:59:34

We have the buffalo because we go to rugby every weekend through winter, and we do quite a bit of walking. I love it - it goes over everything, it's sturdy, DS seems comfy in the seat, and the hood is huge, so it's great for shade/protection from wind etc. My only criticisms are it's big folded - it takes up a lot of space in our boot, and it's heavy to pick up and put in the boot. It doesn't feel heavy to push though. I haven't seen the geo so I can't compare, but it sounds like your needs are similar to ours, and we've found the buffalo great.

sjdevers Wed 27-May-15 21:16:15

Thank you, I am dead set on the buffalo but OH prefers the joolz, just need to work on him I think!

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