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does this pushchair exist?

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omama Sun 17-May-15 07:41:31

I have a babystyle oyster & while its been ok, I've never really loved it. Now its being used for child 2 I am finding
1) it rattles along, the suspension is rubbish so its not a smooth ride for dd & not that nice to push
2) its terrible on grass. getting it into my local park after school is a daily struggle
3) the basket is arkward to access & too small to fit all our stuff in. No good whatsoever for family days out
4) I dont like the flat back of thes eat unit as she seems to slide down in it

So..... I'm looking for something else that will do all these things better.

It absolutely must be:
Parent facing
Compact fold (to fit in Audi A1)

Does this even exist? Any suggestions? I wondered if the peach jogger would be suitable but open to other ideas/suggestions. Many thanks

Ihateparties Sun 17-May-15 18:27:12

The seating position on the original oyster is notoriously problematic, I agree with you about the ride too but it's not the worst.

I'm not sure exactly how small your boot will be, I'm guessing compact but not teeny tiny so stuff of a similar width to the oyster will fit in? I would say a bee but it's also not great on grass.

I guess I would consider an easywalker mini (especially the older model at £199) but probably the new mini or mosey too if budget allows. The basket again isn't enormous but otherwise it offers what you need. I tend to feel if everything else works then storage add ons (hamster bags, joolz xl bag, Jl Childress side bags etc) are a better compromise than say increased weight or size.

The pj is very nice, I think you might have to remove wheels for your boot but that's maybe not a deal breaker? A versa or versa gt would also be suitable. I hear good stuff about the casualplay kudu 4 and the concord wanderer too. The Jane epic looks great too.

omama Mon 18-May-15 02:51:57

Boot is smallish - I have to take a wheel off the oyster for it to fit in sideways.

Surprisingly at the weekend I found both the Bugaboo Buffalo & Stokke Trailz chassis fit in (just) but need both wheels removing & bumper bar taking off. But they are so heavy to lift I think trying to dismantle/assemble would quickly become irritating. Shame as these do everything we need and would mean we could get rid of at least 2 of our 3 pushchairs

I'd prob compromise on wheels on/off if it was less bulky so I'll take a look at your suggestions, thanks smile

Do you know much about the oyster max (single mode)? Saw it yest & noticed it has much bigger wheels so dh said it would cope with the park better & it has a bigger basket too.

TropicalHorse Mon 18-May-15 04:51:20

I've got one of these:

It's marvellous!!

icklekid Mon 18-May-15 05:00:03

Mamas and papas armadillo flip?

omama Mon 18-May-15 09:09:03

Never seen that before Tropical! Clever idea. Think its too long for my stupid car boot tho kicks self for buying small impractical car will have to go & measure when it stops raining.

ickle I looked at the armadillo & its lovely but very similar to what I've got already so would be hard to justify the ££ if its no better on grass etc. It has an amazingly compact fold though.

I think the main criteria is I want something for everyday use that handles like an all terrain (ie a dream to push) but that folds up small enough for my car boot. This seems to be hard to find.

lentilpot Mon 18-May-15 17:21:33

I reckon a baby jogger versa gt would tick all your boxes, although I don't know how big your car boot is, it's a pretty small fold.

FantasticMrsFoxx Mon 18-May-15 19:27:21

I can fit my Versa into the boot of my Fiesta without taking the wheels off and with the car seat adaptors still attached.

omama Mon 18-May-15 22:24:56

Thanks all. We are going buggy shopping tomorrow & hoping to look at as many of the suggestions as possible!

Ihateparties what do you know about the BJCS in single mode? It has larger wheels than the versa & a huge basket, both parent & rear facing, just the fold I'd need to check. Been looking at reviews & main complaint seems to be that its heavy to push but this is in double mode. Is it still an issue in single mode?

omama Mon 18-May-15 22:26:06

Also been looking online at the MB cosmopolitan which is their parent facing offering. Looks quite nice but no stockists anywhere near me :-(

omama Tue 19-May-15 22:30:05

Been today & none of the 4 shops I went to had easywalker or the jane in store which was disappointing.

BJCS has amazing features but was very very heavy on the steering & quite a heavy frame so was quite disappointed in that.

Versa seemed nice & the fold compact, though a little firm on the suspension. They didnt have the gt though & have discovered since coming home that it CAN be folded with the seat on (lady in shop said not) so will be looking for a different nearby stockist so I can look again.

Peach jogger looks very pretty & has a compact fold, fit in car boot with one wheel off, but steering was heavier than I expected plus £££ so bit unsure on that.

Looked at the buffalo again - I really love it but it is so very heavy. dh doesnt feel its good enough to replace the all terrain we've got as well as the oyster, & thinks too £££ for how long we'll use it :-(

Surprise of the day was a Venicci. Never heard of them before but had AMAZING suspension, bounce was like a traditional coachbuilt pram. Fits in car boot with 1 wheel off too. But I know nothing about the brand (although its apparently mumsnet best for 2015?) & cant find many reviews. Anyone know much about them?

I guess my concern is I could spend say 4-500 on it but resale value when we are done with it may only be 100 where if I get the bugaboo resale value is high.

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