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Stokke Trailz reviews

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omama Sat 16-May-15 14:16:37

does anyone have one? Can you give me an honest review of what it is like as an everyday pram? Is it a pain to get in & out of the car? Nice to push? How does it handle over rough terrain? Does the open footrest bug you or is it practical?

myusernameisusername Sun 17-May-15 23:54:27

Lots of blog reviews online if you search for them on Google smile have they re released this pram then ? it was totally unavailable a few months ago due to a total handlebar failure resulting in them all being recalled about 1 month into sales never heard anything about it since

omama Mon 18-May-15 09:45:41

Yes its back in the shops & handlebar apparently all sorted. Looked at the reviews available but was hoping for some real feedback after using for a bit. Anyway doesnt really matter now as tried it at weekend & it didnt fit in my car unless both wheels taken off & would be too heavy for an everyday pram.

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