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Travel Systems Jane epic matrix light 2 or Maxi cosi elea

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PinkSwan Thu 07-May-15 12:11:57

I am due for my first one in July end and I am looking forward to buy a travel system. My Budget is not huge, but I would like something with a carry cot suitable for overnight sleeping. I shortlisted to Jane epic matrix light 2 and Maxi cosi elea with a foldable maxi cosi travel cot and cabriofix carseat - comes as a package...
I am worried abt the weight of the matrix light 2 since I am just 5ft tall how ever i am attracted to matrix light 2 due to its convertibility from carseat mode to carrycot mode..
Any opinions on these 2?

Micah Thu 07-May-15 12:20:32

I had the matrix and loved it. My favourite bit of kit by far. Loved that I could take dc out of the car and pop them on the chassis without waking them, then lie them flat for a wander round the shop.

It was also great for me refluxy baby as I could incline it to varying degrees.

Also a great in between from lie flat carrycot to pushchair- forward facing and inclined meant they could sit up and look round, but still be supported properly.

I had the old version which I think was heavy in comparison. you never really carry it round much, just from house to car and car to chassis, so never an issue.

Passed it on to a friend who also loved it, and was hugely grateful as it wasn't even something she'd considered or knew existed!

PinkSwan Thu 07-May-15 12:27:58

Thanks for the quick reply...
Did u buy an isofix for the seat?? I am planning to use it with seat-belts only..
Also do u know what the weight of the car seat is??
I was initially planning to buy a moses basket, however a friend of mine suggested not to if i was going to buy a carrycot. so i probably need to buy a mattress for this..

Micah Thu 07-May-15 12:56:42

I had the original version so no isofix option, worked fine with seat belt.

Mine did come with a removable mattress.

Your friend is right, Moses basket not necessary- the other bonus is you can have the carrycot on the chassis and rock them to sleep, can't do that with a Moses basket.

All the info is here: Can't see a weight, but it does say the new version is 20% lighter than mine, and mine wasn't heavy.

I used it with the carrera chassis, loved that too. Only 7 kg.

PinkSwan Thu 07-May-15 13:05:20

Thank u smile

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