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Pushchair for 3yr old

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emmie5 Tue 05-May-15 15:50:26

Hi all, my 3yr old has got a global developmental delay , so he is only like a 2yr old in a 3yr old body and my hv has advised me to keep him in a pushchair a little bit longer due to not understanding about the roads when we walk , have tried using reigns and wrist strap but he will sit on the floor and have a complete paddy and screams till we take them off ,
so need something that will last him for a while , he is a bit big for his age and strong when he has a melt down

thank you

Tutu1000 Tue 05-May-15 15:55:42

My ds1 was a very tall boy for his age. I found that umbrella style strollers were difficult for me to push him in from the age of 2 because of his height and weight (he was the size of most 4 year olds at 2). I ended up with an Out n' About Nipper pushchair which is a 3 wheeler off road style buggy, but it is very lightweight. It weighs the same as most strollers, but is much more robust and really easy to push. Are you after a particular style of pushchair, or do you have any other requirements such as it folding down small?

emmie5 Tue 05-May-15 16:37:53

hi , im not sure what im after, i don't drive so it doesn't have to fold up that small

Tutu1000 Tue 05-May-15 23:54:08

What budget do you have?

TeaPleaseBob Wed 06-May-15 09:38:00

I use the baby jogger city mini for my daughter who is almost 2. She has loads of growing room left, my niece who's almost 3 still fits comfortably.

It folds so easily and is nice and compact when folded. The basket is a great size for shoving changing bag and shopping in. It lies flat so good if little one still naps and the hood is amazing.

I got mine new as it was reduced to clear way for new stock but you'll have no problem getting one second hand.

saltyseacow Wed 06-May-15 10:58:26

I'm sure the Baby Jogger city mini gt takes a child of upto 50lbs (USA tested.) The UK site will probably only show it as 15kgs, as that's the limit we test to.

noisytoys Wed 06-May-15 11:17:43

How about a Maclaren Major? They push like a regular stroller but they have loads of growing room.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Wed 06-May-15 15:41:24

My 3 1/2 year old still goes in my BJ City Mini GT every now and again (for walks longer than a mile) because I'm pregnant and just can't carry him for long.

It still fits him fine and he's tall for his age. In fact we haven't reached the highest strap setting yet!

5madthings Wed 06-May-15 15:47:20

Also recommending the out and about nipper 360, it's really light to push, has a big seat and the swivel wheel means it turns on a dime and is easy to steer etc. My dd is 4 and still goes in it sometimes, she is tall but still has plenty of room.

I would go for something with bugger wheels rather than stroller type little ones to make it lighter and easier to push.

nutelladipper Wed 06-May-15 15:50:51

Baby jogger city mini is fab. My son is a big boy and nearly 5, he has low tone and often tires quickly so sometimes he goes in it still now. Assuming is little sister agrees!

emmie5 Sat 09-May-15 12:29:19

hi thank you all , we finally went for the silver cross pop , as it will last him up till 25kg and he will still have growing room it as well

thank you

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