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Uppababy Vista as a double buggy?

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Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 07:36:32

Has anyone used an Uppababy Vista as a double buggy for a toddler and newborn?

I have a Vista currently and am wondering whether to sell it and get something lighter like a phil and ted, any advice?

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 07:40:57

My son will be 3 when baby arrives btw and is tall.

Christelle2207 Sat 02-May-15 07:51:04

No but interested to hear opinions as dc2 is due later this month and dc1 is nearly 21 months.
I have the 2013 vista and recently bought a rumble seat. It won't work with a newborn unless in car seat so I am probably planning on putting baby in sling until toddler old enough to go in pushchair at which point toddler will have to try rumble seat.shock

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 12:23:46

Is it only new Vistas that work with the carrycot then? As I saw a pic of it with a big seat.

It's so hard to know what to do isn't it?! I'm thinking of selling my vista and buying a phil and teds second hand for cheaper. However I did want the new baby facing me for a while and most doubles don't.

Congrats btw!

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 12:24:39

My ds runs off so he will have to have a buggy for a little longer I reckon. Thinking of slinging it in the early days though

Ihateparties Sat 02-May-15 14:18:14

The baby can't face you with the vista/rumble seat, you have to use it like this with some sort of wedge to flatten the bucket seat for a newborn.

Personally I wouldn't replace it with a phil and teds for a newborn and 3yo. I would probably get a buggy-board too and do at least some journeys with that and the carrycot, only using the wedged main seat and rumble seat set up when I really needed the 3yo harnessed.

Christelle2207 Sat 02-May-15 14:36:17

You can't use the carrycot no. I wouldn't invest in a double if your eldest is 3- I'm hoping to get by with sling/rumble seat/buggyboard if I can.

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 18:11:12

I was thinking of giving a buggy board a go, otherwise I'll get a sling and push my son around.

I'd like the use the carrycot on the Vista as it was lovely to use with ds and ds can watch her on the board.

TarkaTheOtter Sat 02-May-15 18:17:49

I've never used an Uppababy vista but it can't possibly be heavier than my tank Phil and Teds double.

Fugghetaboutit Sat 02-May-15 21:44:22

It's pretty heavy, Otter!! grin

2boys2girls Sat 02-May-15 21:50:52

Try the Joovy caboose

Fugghetaboutit Sun 03-May-15 07:34:55

That looks really cool but it says from 6 months + sad

2boys2girls Sun 03-May-15 20:37:13

Oh I thought there were "new born" ones as well

Tiggywunkle Mon 04-May-15 12:32:05

A P&Ts absolutely won't be lighter than the new Vista with rumble seat. But as Parties has said, its tricky using the old Vista with a newborn.
I would sell your old Vista and invest in a new one. You only need the £30 IRC adaptors to make a basic single Vista into a double one. I have a new 2015 Vista somewhere - I need to try it in double mode but I suspect its very good.

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