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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 wheeler OR Bugaboo Bee 3?

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MumToBe2015R Sun 26-Apr-15 16:03:18

I can't decide on the right pushchair. I'm due in August, so still got some time. But looking to make a purchase by end of May. I've had a look at both of these pushchairs so many times just can't decide.

Any suggestions?

Imperialleather2 Sun 26-Apr-15 21:05:16

I had a bee after a chameleon and thought it was awful. Really flimsy and the seat felt very exposed.
I bought a bjcm I was going to get the 4 wheel but ended up with the gt as we do a bit off Road type stuff.
I honestly cannot fault the bjcm I know you're looking at the 4 wheel but essentially the same pra. The fold it brilliant and it fits in a car so Well.

It doesn't do parent facing but I wasn't worried about that.

IAmACuboid Tue 05-May-15 23:16:18

I had a much loved BJCM (3 wheeler) and bought a Bee+ when pg with DC2 as I really do prefer parent-facing when they're small.

The Bee is terribly flimsy and really only suited to town, and even then it can't cope with bad surfaces and gets stuck on minor bumps.
However, it's a dream to steer, so light, and I find it really useful. I love the adjustable handle even tho I am only 5'7", plus it's handy for reducing its footprint when parked up in cafes/busy places.
I haven't got the BJCM out of the cupboard more than twice since DC2 was born, and he's now 1. The plan is to move back into the BJCM when DC2 is bigger as the Bee isn't so great with a heavy toddler.

However - part of my issue with the BJCM is the curved handlebar, it kills my wrists and heavy to steer. If I'd stretched my £ to a GT with the straighter adjustable handlebar I would have been a lot happier with it.
Baby Joggers are very sturdy, with decent sized wheels that don't struggle like the Bees.

+ light to steer, great adjustable handle, plenty of walking room behind it, seat can face either way.
- flimsy, short hood, very 'open', straps easily escaped at the shoulder, awfully small wheels.

+ huge hood (great in sun and rain), also great raincover, good wheels, great adjustable seat, big basket, brilliant one handed fold and carry.
- only forward facing, very upright handle so need a short stride or you'll be kicking the back bar, can be heavy to steer, CM has a curved handle which is uncomfortable.

Really - if you don't mind about having parent facing, I'd get a BJCM GT.

ShelaghTurner Tue 05-May-15 23:18:04

Tough choice. After extensive pushchair research they were my two favourites. I would get a Bee for a newborn unless you're planning to walk through fields. It really is wonderfully versatile for a tiny baby.

IAmACuboid Tue 05-May-15 23:27:20

After my essay above blush just adding that I got my Bee+ on eBay, not new, just in case it didn't work out - having now had it a year I still don't think they're value for money brand new given how shaky they are. 2nd hand prices are equivalent to new BJCMs, but it's worked very well for us, I'll be sad to give it up.

cadidog Tue 12-May-15 21:44:55

I stopped using my BJCM in favour of a Bugaboo Bee. The former was so heavy to push and made my wrists sore. However my son is now a tall 15 month old and I'm pretty sure
I'll be digging the BJCM out of the garage shortly as it's a more generous in terms of size for a toddler

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