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Uppababy vista footmuffs

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myusernameisusername Sat 25-Apr-15 00:05:35

Does the new 2015 model come with new footmuff designs just looking through the old model and those footmuffs look like bianca Jacksons puffer jacket they dont even match the prams in the slightest. anyone else find them odd looking or is it just me and they are £70 for 1 of them hmm

Taystee Sun 26-Apr-15 19:58:25

I don't know if there are new footmuffs for the 2015 model but the old footmuff is amazing despite its odd looks. Super lightweight and compact and I think it can be used to something like minus six degrees with only one layer of clothing. When DS was little I would often take him out in the depths of winter in just a sleepsuit and the footmuff pulled all the way up to his neck.

BlueBee Sat 02-May-15 14:28:03

I've just come from my first pram shopping trip and saw those in John Lewis, your Bianca Puffa Jacket description is spot on! I thought it was just me!

myusernameisusername Sat 02-May-15 18:02:42

sounds like it does the same thing as a kaiser footmuff grin and the silver colour is the worst

Lanaandmaria2014 Sat 02-May-15 18:54:30

I've also got an Uppababy Vista and the footmuff is black with a label saying 'Baby-joy', think it was bought earlier this year, is that the one you're after.

myusernameisusername Sat 02-May-15 19:32:26

No not the same as a kaiser and looks nothing like the official uppababy footmuff smile

Taystee Sat 02-May-15 19:37:09

Uppababy footmuff is filled with primaloft and folds down tiny, sort of like a uniqlo ultra light down jacket. Pretty it ain't but it's very functional!

JuiceInAWineGlass Sat 02-May-15 19:38:20

We bought the £20 black universal footmuff from John Lewis for our (old model) Uppababy- it fits fine and was as warm as we needed it to be this winter.

YouMakeMyHeartSmile Sat 02-May-15 19:42:10

The uppababy one is vile! We got a fleece BuggySnuggle instead, it fits really well and is nice and cosy.

Essexgirlupnorth Sat 02-May-15 19:47:42

They were asking for feedback on the foot mud on their Facebook page everyone said they were overpriced and ugly. Had a universal one I bought on offer for about £20 which did the job.

myusernameisusername Sun 03-May-15 00:56:08

Glad im not the only one that feels that way if i got the uppababy vista it will be a bugaboo high performance or kaiser footmuff to go on it

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