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Greentom Eco Friendly travel system

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myusernameisusername Sun 19-Apr-15 21:44:19

Anyone seen this ? it looks like the most bizarre pushchair I've ever seen (pram addiction) grin anyone actually have one of these ? it looks tiny [[ greentom]]

myusernameisusername Sun 19-Apr-15 21:44:59


maria2016 Thu 08-Oct-15 15:04:06

The reviews for the stroller are really good except for the shopping basket being really tiny. But I cannot find any review for the carrycot or the reversible pushchair.

summerdreams Mon 09-Nov-15 22:54:54

Ive became all eco freindly lately and keep coming back to these I have a pram addiction and they allways scream out at me. would love to see one in real grin

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