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Easywalker Mosey with a buggy board?

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Bonanna Sat 18-Apr-15 16:31:52

Does anyone have experience of using the Easywalker Mosey with a buggy board? Is there space for the child to stand between the handlebar and the seat?
The Mosey seems perfect for us in every way... But it doesn't look like there's much room in front of the handle bar.
Basically I need parent facing, compact, easy to steer with one hand, buggy board friendly (child standing comfortably in front of the handle bar), and good on rough ground. Any other recommendations appreciated!

ThunderboltKid Sun 19-Apr-15 16:53:27

Marking place...those are my requirements too!

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 23-Apr-15 09:14:22

Not sure about the mosey sorry but a baby jogger versa gt and glider board should probably meet your criteria too - have you checked it out?
I adore my versa although haven't personally used with a board but best buggy says it works fine.

IWantDogger Thu 23-Apr-15 18:28:25

Can't really help much as not yet assembled but have just received my Easywalker mosey as after lots of research it seemed like 'the one' for us! If there's a mamas & papas near you they supposedly have some in stores now you could have a look at so could try that, or peppermint if you're near London.

silversixpence Sat 25-Apr-15 12:54:52

Also watching as I am considering this for when my daughter stops needing a double after around six months. Please let us know how you find it IWantDogger

Bonanna Thu 28-May-15 19:11:29

Thanks CaptainMorgan - it's basically between the Versa GT and the Mosey! Soooo hard to choose!

IWantDogger - have you assembled your Mosey yet - what do you reckon about the buggy board? Will try and get to a M&P - my daughter is 4 weeks now and we are just starting to get out again smile

silversixpence Fri 29-May-15 07:35:10

I've been using my Mosey and love it, I haven't tried adding a buggy board yet but it looks like it would be possible. They didn't have a Mosey on display at our local M&P (large Croydon showroom) and hadn't even heard of it so might be worth ringing ahead.

IWantDogger Fri 24-Jul-15 08:48:03

Just to add that we've been using our mosey with dd for 6 weeks now and really like it. Everything slots together really nicely and it's lovely to push.
I would say it's not really a true all terrain pushchair though - it can cope with a lot but on the very bumpy track near us though the pram could be pushed, it looked like it was jiggling dd's neck far too much tho might be ok when she's older.
Only other slight niggle is that I was surprised it doesn't seem possible to leave the maxi cosi car seat adaptors on all the time (you can fold the frame and leave them on but not put the carrycot on) and its a bit fiddly at first to put the car seat on but have sussed it now. Love that the frame seems quite compact and narrow but still comfortable for dd.

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