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All Terrain / Off Road / 'Country Life' Prams

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dottiemad Fri 20-Mar-15 13:09:56

Hi all,

Looking into a pram suitable for the above. I live on a farm and do alot of dog walking, although I think I will be using a sling for the dog walking I would like to purchase a pram that would be suitable for walking on rough tracks, fields etc.

So far these are on my 'to try' list:
Baby Jogger Summit
Mothercare Xpedior (3 wheeler) - Seems to good to be true £250 with car seat & muff!?
Out n About Nipper

Does anyone have any opinions/experience with any of these or can recommend something else? Budget depends on what's included but max would be £500 (including car seat, cot, muff).


Ihateparties Fri 20-Mar-15 14:00:10

I think you're in the right place with the summit and nipper, not so much with the xpedior, not a genuine off road pushchair. You could add in to also look at a mountain buggy urban jungle or swift, a tfk joggster twist or a bob of some sort. The Jane trider has very positive feedback on here, the new crosswalk also looks excellent. I haven't had those particular models but I rate Jane pushchairs in general having had a couple of others.

Lung Fri 20-Mar-15 16:44:26

Crosswalk wouldn't come in on budget once you add a car seat and carrycot.

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 16:47:38

Get a proper off roader 2nd hand - Bob are amazing, but I'd also happily endorse Ihateparties recommendations.

TBH I would if you want a travel system for going into town I'd buy something that is cheap and light and then get the off roader as a separate item. Once it's caked in mud you won't want to lift it in and out of your car...

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 16:53:36

We had a Bob - I wore out the tyres and was very sad when it was outgrown - fantastic bit of kit. I remember not fondly lifting it over stiles with DH in the Cotswolds, it would cope with anything.

I used to walk for miles on farm tracks with DD in the Bob, the dog and a shetland pony - great memories.

I don't know about anything else, I only had a Bob and a carrier.

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 16:59:07

I have owned nearly every proper 3 wheeler off roader up until about 4 years ago. Bob was the best, better even than the proper Mountain Buggy before they had to be bought out. I had the revolution

My dds at 7 were still a doddle to push in it around bumpy fields. I was so sad for Bob & Bobbie (brown & pink one) to have to go.

I am recovering pramoholic...

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 17:09:54

I just looked at the link and went all dewy eyed - I remember buying a handle bar console where you could store two drinks and zip your keys in the middle which was really useful.

We had the yellow storm cover and the insect mesh too - god it was brilliant.

Ihateparties Fri 20-Mar-15 17:12:00

As a Bob related guide, I have personally been pushed around in a bob for demo purposes and I am a considerable distance from what anyone could term petite grin

Unless you have a particular need to use a car seat on the chassis of whatever you get then it can be a more economical option longer term to buy a fixed 0+/1 car seat that will last rear facing from birth to 18kg.

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 17:16:46

Is it wrong to be hoping for many years of young grandchildren just for pushchair reasons grin

Mind you their is a bob car seat adaptor - had one of those and a console...

dottiemad Fri 20-Mar-15 19:41:22

Just looked at the website theres the ironman or sport utility and they are both in the sale at £275?!?

Im only 6+3 so cant buy just yet!!!!

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 19:48:32

Hmmm I would get one that has a swivel - yes you need it on locked when the terrain is super rough but anywhere else swivel is a so much better!

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 19:57:18

I don't think mine swivelled at all .... still loved it though grin, you will not regret it OP, I have never owned another pushchair though so I am very slightly biased.

dottiemad Fri 20-Mar-15 19:59:35

I've also found another model with budget...the BOB strider, so which did you have ladies:
Sort Utility (this looks like the one for me :-))

Knew I would find answers here!

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 20:08:40

I had the originally revolution - most like the revolution SE.

If you go down the 2 pushchair route and this is just for off road use then I'd recommend the sport utility.

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 20:17:48

I am useless at detail model names/that sort of thing .... but I did find a photo, definitely no swivel and it was our first and only chair.

I never found the lack of swivel to be a hinderance, especially as it spent two hours a day on farm tracks and fields.

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 20:30:08

I've got a bad upper back so needed a light to push with a swivel wheel. On farm tracks etc though you need fixed wheel.

I had a Bugaboo Frog for pavement walks grin

missmargot Fri 20-Mar-15 20:32:27

Jane Trider was Which's best buy for all terrain when I looked 18 months ago and it's brilliant. Only downside is it is pretty big so you need a decent sized car boot but that's the only downside I can think of.

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 20:33:10

Looking at the links again and comparing it to the photo I think mine might have been a Sports Utility don't you think.

This is making me wistful!

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 20:52:37

missmargot - that would not deal with fields/mud/holes in tracks terribly well, the wheels are tiny in comparison to the Bob ones.

missmargot Fri 20-Mar-15 20:58:20

I've been using it on and around farms for the past 12 months and it's been brilliant, the wheels are really sturdy.

lavendersun Fri 20-Mar-15 21:00:20

Your tracks must be better than mine then! The holes on some of mine would swallow those wheels up.

This thread makes me want to buy a small dog that can't walk distance just so that I can have a Bob again grin.

dottiemad Fri 20-Mar-15 21:46:30

Thanks everyone. Sooo much to think about. X

RandomMess Fri 20-Mar-15 22:18:59

LOL lavendersun, I have a small dog...

FAB thing about BOB is it folds up tiny and is very light.

Artandco Sat 21-Mar-15 09:35:04

It's a completely different option and a bit more expensive, but if you also cycle look at the chariot cougar 1. It converts from a jogger with huge front wheel, to an option with 2 smaller wheels for in town. It also becomes a bike trailer plus various other options ( even skis on bottom!).

It's around £700 in uk, but sells for $600 US dollars in America (£400) if you know anyone there or visiting between now and when you need

Velvet1973 Sat 21-Mar-15 19:46:50

Another vote for the trider, I love mine. It's so nippy around the shops if we do that but great dog walking and doing the horse etc. love that it's parent facing and the carrycot options etc. really good quality and design.

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