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Cybex Priam

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Littlepig8834 Wed 18-Mar-15 11:43:58

I wondered if anyone out there had the Cybex Priam and if so, what do you think of it.

We saw it in Mothercare and it has made our shortlist, it is quite pricey and we want to know if it is worth the money or not. It fits a lot of our requirements and we don't mind spending the money if it is worth it.

It is quite a new product so hard to find reviews on the web. There is a review on Which? but as we are not members we cannot see the full review.

Lung Wed 18-Mar-15 13:25:27

I've been looking out for this. If you're willing to buy it online, you can get it from German websites for significantly less than in the UK, even when adding shipping.

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 19-Mar-15 12:27:35

Which German websites? Thank you.

Ihateparties Thu 19-Mar-15 18:25:35

You can buy from Europe, lots of sources but do be aware you aren't getting a UK model. As such it won't have the same fire retardancy certification as the UK model. Sometimes there are other physical differences within the same model for different markets (probably not in this case but it's not unheard of).

Littlepig8834 Tue 31-Mar-15 10:08:48

Thank you for the feedback - this is still number one on our list so I think we will go for it, but get it from the UK so if anything does go wrong we can return with ease.

Still trying to find reviews, so if any of you spot any please post the links on here.

I swear we spent less time looking for a house than we have looking for a pushchair/buggy!

qtank Fri 17-Apr-15 22:59:24

I took some detail pics of Priam here.
but it's in Chinese. I come fromTaiwan (NOT China).
It's really an awesome stroller !

NikkiNooks30 Wed 01-Jul-15 13:54:34


Just wondering if you did get the Cybex Priam in the end? It's our favourite too and looking for a genuine mummy review?


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