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Pitstop Buggy review

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kirstyfrancesca Tue 10-Feb-15 13:07:15

All of a sudden without warning, my 2 year old Bugaboo Bee had a (dangerously) broken push-bar and hissing wheel. I looked at previous posts for Pitstop Buggy on Mumsnet and some other blogs. To be honest, the reviews were very 'mixed' to say the least, with a few positive but plenty of negative and angry ones too ('the worst' one person called them etc etc).

Obviously I can only go on my experience. But I did think it was worth sharing as it was totally positive.

This Saturday afternoon, I needed help and was worried to be without a buggy for too long as we use it nearly every day. After googling for a while I did not see many options for repairs apart from the smart website for Pitstop. I spoke to a nice guy on the phone and he advised they could pick up or I could drop off. Dropping off seemed quicker. I took it to Hangers Lane (!) and I could not say it was super easy to find the Unit - a workshop in a business park - but I was glad to find when I arrived the team all seemed great and I could see lots of other buggies which had been serviced already.

I had a service to clean and disinfect and polish etc and 2 spare parts. Yes it was expensive with £80 labour (not compared to the price of a new buggy of course) but it was worth every single penny. It came back gleaming, totally fixed and like new again and everyone I had contact with was charming, helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

From my experience (and I may have been lucky) I cannot fault them, you really do get what you pay for. I am sure that there are other people who can fit spare parts or clean but this is like a full MOT for a car with a full valet. Only once did they not call when they said they would, and they apologized the next day. They sent helpful e mails to update, called me and sent text messages to give progress reports, nice calls from driver to check I was home before delivery, e mailed an invoice when complete. They may still be finding their feet and growing, so could have had problems with customer service in the past, but I would say they had very, very good communication and contact with me.

Well, I was grateful enough to spend time writing this, which is something I hardly do.

(I will try to upload a picture when I get some time as it really does look impressive)

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