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Maclaren Quest hood

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Sat 07-Feb-15 20:39:37


I am thinking about buying a Maclaren Quest but when I was looking at the Maclaren Techno XT I noticed the newer model has an extra pop out sunshade.

Does anybody know if the 2014 Quest has one too? I am torn between wanting the bigger hood of the XT but wanting the smaller wheels of the Quest.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Sat 07-Feb-15 20:48:52

No the quest doesn't have it. I bought the quest thinking it did and was gutted when I realised I hadn't done my research properly! The hood on the quest is next to useless at keeping the sun out (I only bought it for holidays!)

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Sat 07-Feb-15 21:26:37

Thanks for your reply, it's useful to have it confirmed. Argh, that's really annoying. I don't know if I'll be annoyed by the bigger size of the XT, and I never really get on well with add-on accessories. I know there's a clip on shade you can buy but I like it to be built in.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Sun 08-Feb-15 07:31:35

If id have thought more carefully about it all I think I would have gone with the XT. I find the Quest a bit flimsy although obviously if you're after something small and convenient that's probably your best bet. The XT is quite big but still easy to fold.

Laquila Sun 08-Feb-15 07:34:55

The quest is ideal for hols apart from the bloody hood...its detached at that back and it's very annoying that you get a big hopeless space at the back if you bring it forward at the front.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Sun 08-Feb-15 10:00:29

Ah, so if you pull the hood forward your child is exposed at the back? I do want the Quest for its neatness, I'm worried the wheel on the Techno XT will stick out too much. I seem to live in a town full of cafés with crammed-together tables.

Laquila Sun 08-Feb-15 21:22:58

Yep, it's a bit of a compromise between pulling it down to keep out the sun at the front and not exposing the top of the head at the back! Other than that, the Quest is a great buggy for busy places/small spaces, although I'm used to a BJ Versa so frankly anything else was always going to be a bit daintier smile

FluffyDavis Mon 09-Feb-15 07:18:02

The denim quest has got an extendable hood, I have got one and bought it for this reason!

Laquila Mon 09-Feb-15 21:22:20

Curses, Fluffy! Wish I'd known that before I bought mine! Although it was only cheapo secondhand, so I don't feel that hard done-by.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Tue 10-Feb-15 10:33:00

Yeah I'm on the look out for a second hand one too (I missed the £40 bargain in John Lewis). I wondered if maybe the new Quest had a better hood so I would have to try to get that model.

Is it just the denim quest or the quest sport in general that has the better hood?

FluffyDavis Tue 10-Feb-15 14:22:27

Just the denim as far as I know.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Fri 13-Feb-15 16:46:31

OP the £40 Quest was a trick! I ordered it and then they cancelled if saying it was a mistake. You haven't missed out.

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