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Help identifying buggy board/platform

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nwilson12 Thu 05-Feb-15 22:06:14

Just curious to see if anyone knows what this is as I thought it looked quite good. When I was out yesterday I saw a pushchair that had mud guards over the rear wheels and a raised platform over the top of the wheels and rear axle for a child to stand on. The board wasn't a regular one as it didn't stick out behind the wheels so the child was standing a lot closer to the seat and was higher up, Don't know what make the pushchair was, looked a bit like a jane but the seat seemed to be a pramette. am sure it had zoo..... written on the side, was driving so couldn't really make it out
Anyone know what it might be?

Ihateparties Thu 05-Feb-15 23:10:14

It's a zezu multi with tandem kit, you get a seat and a sort of directly attaching buggyboard.

The concept looks great doesn't it, I sort of feel like it should have taken off but they've been out a while now and it doesn't seem to have.

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