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Toddler and baby in London

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Letsleepingboyslie Thu 15-Jan-15 21:52:20

After living abroad for the last couple of years I'm bringing my toddler 2.7 and baby 3m back to London for several weeks.

In wondering whether to bring our double pushchair. We barely use it here as live in the kind of place you have to drive everywhere so DS1 walks or occasionally is in lightweight Maclaren while DS2 in car seat stroller. I occasionally take them on walks in the double stroller which is a side by side, nice and light and I like pushing it.

Is there any point bringing it to London? We'll be in zone two with an overground station with step free access and buses etc and also will obviously want to walk a lot/ parks etc. May need to do push chair walks for naps for both boys. It's 30 inches wide and does fit through standard doorways etc here but will I ever get it on a bus?!

I'm also wondering about a buggy board. I have a old mamas and papas pliko pramette which will be good for either boy so I think a buggy board would work well for us. Any recommendations as to which brand works well? I know nothing about buggy boards at all. I looked on the Lascal site and apparently I can either get maxi or mini with the pramette but which one is best? DS1 is quite a tall boy.

Thank you!

Artandco Thu 15-Jan-15 22:19:53

Best is probably the MacLaren. Use for baby laid flat whilst eldest is walking/ playing in parks etc, then if needed put baby in a sling and eldest in pram

minipie Thu 15-Jan-15 23:03:44

Depends on if your toddler is a good walker (as in, will walk for a long time and also unlikely to tantrum/run off). Also depends on your likely daily routine for example will you have a long walk to nursery school?

If you will have to do a long walk (like to nursery school) and/or if your toddler isn't always reliable about walking then I'd say bring it.

NishyM Fri 16-Jan-15 14:19:31

I had the same problems so got an ICandy Peach - much easier than a side-by-side for getting around town on public transport but still big enough that people give you plenty of room when you get on the tube!

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