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Swap bugaboo bee for armadillo flip??

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nwilson12 Wed 14-Jan-15 08:12:11

The pushchair addict is coming out in me again! I currently have the bee plus which I like but wondering whether to get the armadillo flip instead? My son is now 1 and seems to slump a lot in the bee unless the seat is in the most upright position and I've read lots of good reviews about the flip. Wondering if I get the flip whether I will regret selling the bee? Anyone help?

SM18 Sat 24-Jan-15 11:54:45

Hi nwilson12,

I was having the same dilemma, as the Flip is really good and bigger and folds more compactly.

However, having tried it out three times now, I must say, it is absolutely nearly not as good when it comes to manoeuvring as the Bee. So I am sticking with the Bee.

However, if you want a pushchair that is forward facing only, very compact to fold, a pleasure to push etc., I would go for the Joie Litetrax. I have nothing but praise for that pushchair, it is amazing. And no, I haven't bought shares, but I would if I had the money!


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