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Can I swap maclaren quest seat covers?

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CynthiaDelgado Sat 10-Jan-15 08:45:46

I have an old limited edition lulu guiness maclaren quest. The seat and good are lovely And are condition but the wheels have seen better days.

I was thinking of getting a cheap quest on eBay and putting my covers on it. Is this possible?

AliceMum09 Sat 10-Jan-15 10:47:46

Can you easily get the hood and seat off yours? I have a 2012 Quest and the hood slides on and off easily (sometimes too easily, it just clips on to two plastic bits on the frame), but I don't remember the hood on my 2006 Quest being so easy to remove. Or maybe it was but it was just fixed on better so it didn't slide off so frequently!

If you can get the seat and hood off yours then I'd guess it can be done easily. You'd have to buy the right Quest though, they changed them in 2012 to be suitable from birth, just thinking about the differences between the two I've had I don't the the new seat is quite as deep on the new one and there is a lot more material on the back of the hood (to accommodate the seat lying right back). I preferred the old version to be honest, I really wished I'd looked after mine properly! It had a lovely red hood, and a black seat with red and white circles on it. The hood was edged with the same fabric as the seat and had a 'roof window'. I hate the new windows on the back of the hood, when the seat is upright and the hood is over you can't see your child at all (but do have an excellent view of the contents of the basket underneath the seat hmm)

CynthiaDelgado Sat 10-Jan-15 20:30:45

I've owned many pushchairs over the last 11 years and 4 children and the quest is still my favourite. I still have the one from 2003 but that really has seen better days!

I didn't realise it changed in 2012 so will bear that in mind thanks.

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