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Mountain Buggy Duet carrycot - wide enough?

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Wheezey Sat 03-Jan-15 14:03:55

Hello MN-ers, this is my first MN post.

I'm a new mum-to-be and expecting twins in a few months; we're investigating stroller/travel system options. Preference is to have DC rear-facing for the first few months. The Mountain Buggy Duet is currently favourite but we're concerned the MB Duet carrycot looks to be quite narrow and the twins would grow out of it quickly. It does however look to be well made and solid!

How have others found the MB carrycot option?

We've also found some posts where people have tried non-MB carrycots in the Duet - e.g. Petite Star Zia cocoon. Any experience of this - especially could we have the twins rear-facing with this option, and how does the non-MB carrycot get secured to the MB chassis/seat?

Many thanks in advance.

MrsMarigold Sat 03-Jan-15 14:09:18

MB carrycot quite tiny and they do grow out of it quite quickly I wouldn't bother, but it is sturdy. However I preferred the Out n About Nipper because it was much lighter. However with twin buggies the shoulder space is limited once they reach the toddle stage fine until about two unless really tall.

Wheezey Sun 04-Jan-15 09:01:26

Many thanks for that MrsMarigold. I think that's the view we're coming round to, especially as it seems a lot of money to buy 2 if they're not going to last that long. We had discounted the Nipper on the basis that we were told by one shop we visited that you couldn't have 2 car seats, is that right?

NinjaPanda34 Sun 04-Jan-15 09:09:58

We've got the MB duet with carrycot+ for all the different seating options for our twins when they arrive (soon!eek!). Have to admit, I think they do look quite narrow, but then, babies are always smaller than you think.
**Quick tip, if you're buying two carrycots, you need to order the left attachment clip (it's free) from the mountain buggy website as they only come with a right-hand clip and a middle clip in the box. Otherwise you can only attach one as we found out when we were putting it together

Wheezey Fri 09-Jan-15 08:28:39

Hi NinjaPanda. Exciting times - good luck for the safe arrival of your little ones! Thank you for your response. More thinking to be done me thinks! Buying baby stuff can be so bamboozling, particularly so with twins! Thanks also for the advice on the clip - good to know :-)

GoMommaItsaBargain Fri 09-Jan-15 14:23:47

Hey I had a duet (for toddler and baby not twins) but just to add, generally we loved it, seat was super comfy and cosy for the baby once grew out of the carrycot......which he did around 7 weeks!! It was lovely quality and so cosy but indeed small, however dc 3 was 10lb+ born but it is still small, also I struggled lifting it in the car but loved the simple one piece fold, brilliant with two kids to buckle into car seats first.

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