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Silvercross Pop, Joie Nitro or Nuna Pepp

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Grannyb12 Fri 02-Jan-15 17:43:55

I'm looking for a light weight, easy fold stroller for occasional granny duties. I think I've come up with a short list of Silver Cross Pop, Joie Nitro and the Nuna Pepp (original not Luxx) and although I've been to look at them all, I'm struggling to make a decision. Can anyone shed light on the pros & cons of each? Oh yes, my first grandson is 5 months old and my daughter's baby is due in March.

Patilla Fri 02-Jan-15 18:13:01

I loved the pop for the eighteen months I used it. However, getting it out a year later for DD2 and it's a nightmare to fold down, the mechanism is really unreliable and I nearly ended up dumping it on Christmas Eve when I couldn't fold it up or fit it into the car. That said, I don't know if the other brands you have said would also experience similar issues after that length of time.

kells34 Sun 04-Jan-15 23:58:58

I have a silvercross pop for my 19 month old. I don't use it loads as I work full time and drive alot. But my gran uses it when she has my daughter about twice a week. It's a great lightweight stroller and I havent had any problems with it. I also like the cup holder as it can be moved or removed. The pocket at the back we also find useful for tissues and keys. I haven't used the others though so can't compare.

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