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Uppababy Rumble Seat for Toddler?

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weeblueberry Sun 28-Dec-14 23:18:10

I'm due DD2 when DD1 is 23 months old and we currently have a Vista. DD1 was always a really confident walker so we hoped by the time the next one came along shed manage with a buggy board. But we've realised recently that's not really going to work and are trying to decide between a rumble seat for the vista or chopping it in for a twin.

The thing that concerns me about the rumble seat (I've not tried it yet) is that's DD1 will feel really trapped in it after months of having full visibility of the outside world. It just seems like all she will see is the back of her sisters 'proper' seat? I also can't use the bassinet with the rumble seat.

But none of the twins in our price range are cutting it either. I'd prefer the new baby was rear facing at first and would like to be able to have the baby face me and DD1 face outward. Am I right in thinking the only one I could do this with is the Donkey?

Suggestions/comments about the rumble seat would be appreciated. Or, alternatively, twins that meet my criteria. I have an estate so fitting it into the car isn't an issue.

nwilson12 Mon 29-Dec-14 06:58:30

I don't have a vista but came across this review showing lots of photos. Might help with your decision.

And another photo

There is also the baby jogger city select or oyster max which are designed for 2 children. Sure there are others too .

gizmosmama Mon 29-Dec-14 08:06:48

I'm looking for a similar solution but with younger DC1 (will be 18 mo). I'm thinking for me it'll have to be a double although like you I'd really like DS facing forward like he's used to and LO facing me. Other than the donkey, the only one I've found so far is the baby jogger which has 2 forward facing seats but when you put a carrycot in one, it faces backwards. I'd ideally like a tandem rather than a twin but I think one forward, one back is impossible in a tandem.
The other thing that might work for you is a buggy board with seat. I really like the look of the buggypod perle but I think my DS might still be too young and need a seat he can nap in.

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 29-Dec-14 08:48:22

I'm having a similar issue, DC2 is due when DD will be 20 months and we currently have a Vista. I've decided to sell my Vista and buy a double, maybe the Mountain Buggy Duet as it isn't as wide as other doubles. The other problem with the Vista for a newborn is that you can only use the rumble seat with the pushchair attachment rather than the carrycot which is only suitable from 3 months.

weeblueberry Mon 29-Dec-14 14:10:20

Thanks all - especially nwilson for the pics. I didn't realise the rumble seat also went on the front of the buggy? I assumed it only went on the back when the baby was facing outwards so the seat basically straddled it at the back if you know what I mean?

I haven't seen buggy boards with seats actually - might look into that but not sure if my legs would hit off it and if it's stable enough?

Artandco Mon 29-Dec-14 17:42:06

I would look at the rumble tbh. We have a 16 month gap and just used buggy board, with occasionally baby in sling and eldest in pram. By 2 years they walked 99% of the time and didn't have board on permanently

The rumble will be perfect as somewhere they can sit for while if tired, take quick nap on long day out, or when in rush. At 2 they will want to walk more and more to explore, and you will need them to to wear them out more! A donkey would be very expensive for just a short use of time.

If main seat isn't optimal for newborn then have you considered a decent sling? The boba 4g is great as can be used on front for baby, and on back for toddler. Great for when no pram is easier. You could carry baby first 3 months, which would give eldest an extra 3 months using main seat as single

Artandco Mon 29-Dec-14 17:45:34

Also you can buy a newborn insert to make main seat suitable

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