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Kidz Kargo Duelette?

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Sparkleheart Sun 21-Dec-14 23:01:26

Hello, looking some expertise please! Second baby due in April when DD will be 2.5. Definitely need a double as DD1 doesn't love to walk too far etc. my heart says get the icandy peach blossom 3 but at aprox £850, my head says dont be crazy!! Have also considered oyster max but don't love that if car seat on btm it can't parent face plus lack of recline. I know dd is unlikely to want to sit in the btm so baby will have to go in there. Have accidentally happened upon the Duelette whilst researching but can't find too much info on it. However from the looks of it, it looks like it could rival both the other pushchairs but for way less money. Just worried about buying something online I've never seen in real life. Seems there is a newer version just out but only the previous version takes a Maxi cosi? The scant info is confusing me! Does anytime know anything about this pram and how it might compare to my other options? I'd be so grateful for some help as I'm driving myself mad going back and forth between prams!!

natureplantar101 Mon 22-Dec-14 21:47:45

Looks like one of those fake EU prams i dont think any real pram stockist's will know what they even are. did you find it on eBay or amazon

natureplantar101 Mon 22-Dec-14 21:49:33

you could buy a 2nd hand I candy peach or the Britax B dual or P&T are good brands not sure what else there is for twins

brownie31 Mon 22-Dec-14 22:15:59

There is a review on of the Duelette which is pretty comprehensive if you haven't already seen it? I would be cautious about buying a pushchair without trying it first. If you would really love an icandy Peach Blossom then I'd second what the previous poster said about looking at second hand ones? I've heard good things about Phil & Ted's doubles from friends but don't have experience of these myself.

Sparkleheart Mon 22-Dec-14 22:34:35

Yep saw it on ebay and amazon! Think the bestbuggy review makes it sound quite good? But I am wary of buying it unseen still! I would get a 2nd hand icandy etc, its just I'm in Northern Ireland and for some reason they seem really hard to get here plus the few I have seen advertised are really expensive!

Ihateparties Tue 23-Dec-14 00:15:40

Ha, it's definitely a real pram :-) smyths toys sold a version of it for a while, which I had. It was pretty good for the price. Oddly I had it at the same time as a used peach blossom 1 in extremely good condition. There is no comparison quality wise, which is to be expected given the new and used prices.

So you're looking for something that takes a maxi cosi, parent facing in the lower position and allows your elder dc to sit up top forward facing? That's not a long list of options. I didn't know the duellette took the maxi cosi, britax seats fit directly on to the frame. I guess there is a maxi cosi adaptor.

The peach is the most obvious option, it won't be cheap though, even an old one.

KATE1986 Wed 17-Feb-16 13:14:05

The kids Kargo range is a British designed, which has been going 20 years.
The Duellette range is very real, just updated to Duellette 21 combi
Combi BS or BS depending on your needs. I purchased the combi BS which is for a newborn and toddler (combi carrycot) BS Bucket seat.
Hope this helps!

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