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Which 3-wheelar would you recommend?

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Ilovechops Sun 21-Dec-14 22:51:53

Just gearing up for the arrival of DC2 in March, for DD1 we lived in London and had the Bee which was utterly fantastic for city life and has lasted until now (she's almost 3) and never needs it anymore. I kept it for any time I want to pop into town and need an easy to manoeuvre buggy.

For DC2 however we need something more suited to walks in the country (if any buggy is???) and shopping in our local (very hilly) town. I won't be using it on public transport ever really but will be getting it in and out of the car a fair bit. Have a big ish car boot so that's not an issue.

I would like something small ish, suitable from birth (no carrycot ideally but could live with that for a bit if necessary), fits buggy board on for nursery run for DD1 to ride.

Budget not an issue really as plan to buy second hand most likely.

Any tips?!


EdSheeransGString Sun 21-Dec-14 22:59:14

I have had a quinny speedi which was amazing to push off road, through mud, snow, rain and was easy enough to fold etc.

I also had an out and about nipper single which was again, fantastic off road and for long walks. Dd was really comfortable in it too.

I'm needing a new buggy for winter months and those are the two I'm looking for second hand.

My friend just got a britax three wheeler pushchair and it's really really nice and easy to push I'm sure it's the b motion 3 model.

Expedititition Sun 21-Dec-14 23:01:50

By far the best pushchair I have every encountered is the out and about nipper. We have pushed it on the beach forwards and it carried child, tent and a whole days worth of beach paraphernalia with ease. It's quite small and the wheels pop off easily.

I don't know if it lays flat enough to be from birth. I've never tried but it does have a carry cot.

You can push it one handed and I just love it so much!

Ilovechops Mon 22-Dec-14 15:21:55

Ooooh both of these look good, the quinny looks lighter and smaller though? Think i would opt for that after the bee as it's so useful to be able to carry it with ease. Will check them both out properly though.

Ihateparties Mon 22-Dec-14 17:59:32

If you want lighter and smaller maybe a city mini gt would fit the bill? On the buggyboard front a lot of forward facing pushchairs are awkward with a board with the seat fully reclined for a newborn but fine once it's sitting mostly upright. I had a gt with a board a while back, loved the pushchair (although it's too wide for my taste) but didn't love the combination although it was fine.

I also had a mountain buggy swift with a board on, I liked that combo better.

MissWimpyDimple Sat 27-Dec-14 23:47:27

Mountain buggy swift. A lot of others not great with buggy board. Specially when fully reclined.

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