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First time mum Pushchair Reviews pls - recommendations would be great

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MumToBe2015R Sun 14-Dec-14 10:58:32


I am 7+1, but looking in to prams & car seats now.

I want something that will last until baby is 2/3. Quality wise should be good, which will last.

I've seen on the Internet:-
Silver cross - pioneer
Silver cross - wayfera
Bugaboo Bee3
Bugaboo Cameleon
Oyster 2
Stoke Scoot

Would be really helpful if you could give me reviews @ personal experience with these prams.

I've just got mix feeling about all of them as all have mixed reviews.

Also when is the right time to start looking in store for prams,carseats, furniture etc?

Thank you in advance xx

Disastronaut Sun 14-Dec-14 11:05:21

Have a look at the Graco Evo. We got one for DD in about August last year and it's been really good. Mid-price, not too heavy, came with a carry cot which we used for the first 5 months or so.

Our alternative choice was the Uppababy Vista. Gets rave reviews & looks lovely.

You'll probably end up getting a McLaren as well at some point. I swore I wouldn't, but you end up needing something folding for planes etc.

KnoxValentine Sun 14-Dec-14 11:26:18

I had a bugaboo thinking I would use it until DS no longer needed it. It was delightful to push and looked nice nightmare to fold you have to use both hands so can't hold baby and fold. Its 2 parts so takes up a lot of space and I had to take one of the wheels off to fit in an average size car. It says can be used until a certain weight but it's definitely not as roomy as my maclaren XT which I got when DS was about 6 months he's 3 now and although I don't use it often he has plenty of room and still very easy to push. I was completely fed up with the bugaboo not being easy and I think most people I know switched to an umbrella fold from 6 or 7 months. I would definitely use my bugaboo for another baby purely because of the forward facing option and it's nice to be able to admire the baby whilst you push but would switch to umbrella fold again at 6 months.

Ihateparties Sun 14-Dec-14 12:48:24

If it was me I would start off with a proper think about what you will be doing day to day. Whether you drive everywhere so need to fold and lift your pushchair several times a day, or take public transport so the pram needs to be small and/or foldable whilst holding the baby. If you walk everywhere then a big basket and more robust wheels might be more important than size or how it folds. All of that sort of thing.

With dc 1 I lived in london zone 6 in a first floor flat out in the woods (sounds bizarre, was bizarre) and had to drive or take a very sparse bus service to get anywhere. I bought an Icandy cherry that was light but didn't fit easily into my car boot. As a result I used a petite star zia a lot because it was very much easier in and out of the car, plus ds wasn't a big fan of the carrycot anyway and after that was more unsettled by facing me than facing outwards illogical baby that he was.

By the time I had dc2 we lived in a house in a totally different city and walked everywhere, the cherry had broken so I got a bugaboo gecko. Brilliant for walking with, great with a buggyboard, made me want to cause it injury on the very odd occasion I folded it. Dc3 we used a tandem as dc2 was still young.

My needs were very different as my circumstances changed. If I was starting again in my dc1 circumstance I would buy a babyzen yoyo 0+ and a fixed 0+/1 rear facing car seat (such as a britax dualfix, cybex sirona or hauck varioguard). If I was starting again in my dc2 situation I would buy an easywalker mosey.

Re the individual models
Pioneer - nice I think, pretty wide, smallish seat, not sure how easy to manoeuvre. Possibly good for lots of walking if handling is good.
Wayfarer - hard to turn, wheels not the best quality but nice and narrow. Not ideal for loads of walking imo.
Bee 3 - nice and compact, folds rear facing, again not what I'd choose for lots of walking or any terrain other than pavement. V. Expensive now for what you get considering other options available.
Cam - classic choice, lovely to push, pain to fold, basket issues with carrycot on, not compact for public transport. Great for walking.
Oyster 2 - solid choice, very practical all rounder, I don't personally like the push but it isn't bad.
Scoot/scoot2 - like it, bit heavy to push and lift but size and fold pretty practical. Another I wouldn't choose for a walking lifestyle.

Literally everything has mixed reviews. At least in part because people have such different needs from their pushchairs.

*disclaimer - I hate umbrella folds and over 3 dc have never switched to one, although I have switched to smaller sized non umbrella pushchairs,

NishyM Mon 15-Dec-14 11:13:10

I got an ICandy Raspberry recently and so far so good, great for me as we live in London and need something small and light (but also pretty smile). Do you want a single one or one that can be made into a double like ICandy Peach or Bugaboo Donkey?

Annbag Mon 15-Dec-14 11:16:49

As others have said have a think about your lifestyle and even you'll use.

I love my babyzen yoyo, folds so easily and small. But very much a London public transport pram!

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