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Petite zia covered in black mold!!!

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WrappedInABlankie Fri 12-Dec-14 17:45:57

What do I do?

I really can't afford a new one it's been kept in the boot of my car and took it out today and it's covered in it ): I've washed it on 60 and on 40 and its lightened it but not much else. I using vanish gold though

Any ideas

Jessbags001 Fri 12-Dec-14 19:33:06

Try a soak with milton bottle sterilising fluid - a damp expert recommended it to me for black mould in my house as an alternative to bleach.

WrappedInABlankie Sat 13-Dec-14 14:59:46

Incase anyone has the same issue I stuck It on a 90 degree was after unscrewing it from the frame and taking the metal bits out, the seat unit came out clean! brought some dettol mold and mildue stuff in a green bottle for about £3.50 sprayed it on the hood as it couldn't go in the machine and the mold was gone in the 5 minute time frame! it didn't bleach my hood either and it's green! Now it's soaking in the bath as the smell is strong but saved me a new pram

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