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Cosytoes/ footmuff for Britax Affinity

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coldofhands Fri 28-Nov-14 21:06:42

Hi there,

We have the Britax Affinity pram for DS1 who's about to turn 6mo. He's at the point where he's just about too big for the carrycot so I'm planning on moving him into the pushchair next week. However, we didn't buy a cosytoes when we were getting organized; as he was a summer baby it didn't cross our minds.

I wanted to get something waterproof and cosy (he was a preemie so is still little and seems to feel the cold) as we walk everywhere so he's in the pram a lot, that ideally won't need replacing next winter, and pie in the sky - can be handed down if and when number 2 follows.

The Britax footmuff doesn't get great reviews so I've been looking at Kaiser, but wondered if anyone was using one with an Affinity as I can't find anywhere that confirms it'll fit. Also is it worth paying for a sheepskin lined one or are the sleeping bag esque ones warm enough?

I'm a bit funny about being warm as I have Raynaud's and am clearly being wildly over protective! Sorry.

Thanks in advance

missknows Sat 29-Nov-14 22:28:58

I've got the affinity cosytoes and I really like it. I have this one:,default,pd.html#q=britax%20footmuff

DD (10 months) seems very warm and snuggly in it. Been using it since it got colder so about 8.5 months old.

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