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Potentially fatal accident in M&P Mylo2

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GlasgowLewis Mon 24-Nov-14 12:57:52

I've joined Mumsnet purely to vent about this, my wife and I have used MN regularly since becoming parents 6 months ago and have got invaluable advice - especially in the middle of the night! So I wanted to put one of our experiences out there in case it can help inform the choices of others.

We bought a Mylo2 from Mamas and Papas before baby was born. It cost the best part of a grand for the whole thing; with the power of hindsight, it was too much to spend on a pram. We also bought a sling, which has been used far more, meaning the pram has probably been out and about a dozen or so times in 6 months.

3 weeks ago my wife was taking baby to a halloween party across town, she had to get two trains to get there. As she was switching trains she went to pivot the pram onto its back wheels to get it up onto the carriage - I was at work so wasn't there at the time - and one of the wheels fell off onto the track causing the pram - with my child in it - to jam between the platform and the carriage. Fortunately, the guard was on hand to stop the train from moving, pram and baby were safely removed and when the train had gone the wheel was retrieved from the tracks. My wife and baby were left stranded with a massive shock and a broken pram a long way from home.

When this was relayed to me over the phone I was furious. Having forked out an embarrassing amount of money for what I believed to be the best contraption to transport my child, it turns out the wheel falls off after 5 months of light use putting her in a potentially life threatening position. Admittedly, it could have come off on the steps to the flat or going up a curb etc. and it would have been less dramatic, but still possibly very dangerous.

I contacted customer services, they told me to take it to the shop. I had to ask to borrow a replacement, which they gave me in the end, and two weeks later I got the pram back. But it wasted two sunday mornings of traipsing into town, trying to park, paying to do so, to get the pram back without explanation or apology.

I'm not saying M+P's Mylo is any worse than any other pram - I haven't got the experience to say that, but I would say it isn't worth more than something at a fifth of the price.

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