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2 yr old and a newborn, I need pushchair recommendations please.

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Titsalinabumsquash Fri 21-Nov-14 14:41:12

Just that really!

I have a baby due next year and DS3 (2) is a bolter so he does have to spend time in the pushchair when we're out.
Can anyone recommend the pushchair they had/have for similar ages please?

ForTheLoveOfSocks Fri 21-Nov-14 14:43:43

I used my wrap for squish and put DD1 in her usual pushchair. Gives you a bit more time to see if you will need a double or not

MrsMarigold Fri 21-Nov-14 14:47:51

Yes I had an Out 'n' About Nipper side by side - amazing! lighter than a McLaren easy to steer - they used to hold hands in it both can see out unlike a Phil and Teds and we could travel by Bus and off road - not so great in the boot of a car, can steer with a finger, great customer service from Out n About, easy to use on steps with two kids in it. Loved it. Buy second hand for about £90

Trapper Fri 21-Nov-14 14:51:03

Are you in and out of the car all the time, or are you always on foot/ on public transport?

Titsalinabumsquash Fri 21-Nov-14 15:12:07

I'm in and out the car a lot, we have a big people carrier so space isn't a problem. I can't use a sling, I have a lot of joint problems.
DS3 will be going to nursery in Jan 2016 when he's 3 but that still gives me from April - Jan getting about with both of them.

Ihateparties Fri 21-Nov-14 16:49:38

I had a jane twone, an oyster max would have done just as well, but I walk everywhere. If you will revert back to a single you already have later then given you're in and out of the car I would probably start by looking at a 1 piece fold side by side pushchair. Nipper, baby jogger city mini or city mini gt, red kite twini, britax b agile double etc.

For walking most places I would get a tandem but for driving and taking into account older children to get in and out of the car etc. in that case I would go for lightest and easiest/quickest fold.

NishyM Wed 26-Nov-14 20:17:34

I think tandems are the best bet and the best out there is definitely ICandy Peach, although it depends if you prefer tandem or side-by-side?

DixieNormas Wed 26-Nov-14 20:25:47

I had a Britax duel, a cosatto big bro little bro and a phil and ted. Explorer. The explorer was the best one I had. I liked the look of the Jane twone but thought the seats a bit small, the same with the candy

LakeFlyPie Wed 26-Nov-14 20:33:55

I used double Nipper for DC (2.5yr gap) and loved it, most manoeuvrable pram I've pushed, suitable for newborn as seat goes flat. It even fits through my front door and most shop doors I needed to get through.

CaptainMorgansMistress Wed 26-Nov-14 22:53:24

Would it be worth looking at the babyjogger city select? Can be one seat / one seat and a carrycot / two seats depending on what configuration you need.

Steers great, fairly compact fold and there are quite a few around second hand - have a look at the babyjogger fb page.

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