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Sola2 MTX vs Silver Cross Pioneer

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Nuttynortherner Wed 12-Nov-14 11:34:44

Can anyone help with their own experiences of these 2 travel systems please? We're really stuck! We live in the sticks so need something that can go over bumpy ground but also fold up and go in the car easily. I'm not very tall and we've had to rule out others because they're too upright. The Silver Cross was nearly off the list because the car seat was so heavy but we've found a Maxi Cosi will work with it too. I think it's down to sturdiness vs weight, DH wants robust whereas I want lightweight. Any ideas? Thank you

Tiggywunkle Wed 12-Nov-14 21:52:09

Have a look at the Casual Play Kudu 4 - its similar in many ways to the Sola 2, but has rubber wheels so great for bumpy ground, and yet it is light but really sturdy. Great suspension too. The handlebar isn't too tall either.

Also look at an Oyster with some rear air tyres on. The Sola 2 and Oyster must come from the same factory. They are so similar.

Have you looked at the Scoot 2 as well?

I love the Pioneer, I am not convinced SC have fixed the handling and suspension issues of the Pioneer though. I have one coming in a week or so, so I will find out, but its taken me this long to get one simply because I am not convinced. I will report back.

Nuttynortherner Thu 13-Nov-14 13:23:44

Thanks Tiggy, will have a look at the other ones you have suggested smile

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