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Bugaboo Bee3 SOS! Must I buy 2 sun canopies, one for seat and one for bassinet?

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cobaltblue27 Sun 02-Nov-14 10:52:24

My mother very kindly bought us the Bugaboo Bee 3 before our first child turns up in about 2.5 weeks…However, we spent a cheery Saturday night with me in floods of tears because I can't put the wretched thing together. Is it possible to remove the sun canopy from the bassinet once you have attached it? It seems jammed on. Do I need to buy a separate one for when I come to use the seat?

I had so many misgivings for joining what feels like the Cult of Bugaboo and now I feel like I have failed before this baby even turns up. Sincerely hoping that I don't struggle as much with all aspects of motherhood as much as I have with this contraption. I hate the thing before I have even had to use it!

Ihateparties Sun 02-Nov-14 16:53:38

I just had a look in a shop, to get the canopy off you just need to lift the mattress up, then you should be able to see at either side where the canopy attachment is clipped in, press down and pull it out sideways. It attaches into the seat in an identical way, to get it off the seat you just need to lift the edge of the seat fabric to access the clip/button thing.

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