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Baby Jogger City Lite and a nice footmuff

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Smerlin Sun 26-Oct-14 21:39:02

Have just ordered the red version of the BJC Lite as my second pushchair however it does not come with a footmuff which is a bit of a problem in this cold weather!

All the reviews for the Baby Jogger multi footmuff are terrible- has anyone used a good different brand footmuff? Have found a random universal one on Amazon but worried the different shades of red won't match up. Also has anyone used a sheepskin footmuff with a Baby Jogger 3 wheeler?


Mummy1812 Fri 14-Nov-14 00:06:30

I have the City Lite in red, I've been looking at footmuffs today also but hadn't seen the bad reviews of the branded product, so glad that i saw your post. I'm going to do some more research as I understand the rain cover isn't that great either which I need to organise, like now according to the weathermen! Great chair though, both my 3.5 yr old & 10 month old were able to alternate into it while on holiday. the harness is a pain in backside, it is 5 separate pieces, so the shoulder & waist straps do not clip together before 'locking' in all five straps, so the 'arched back' scenario is a bit risky when putting in and taking little ones out, had a few near misses where she could have slid right to the floor through my legs!
It is so light though, making it really easy to steer.

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