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Footmuff for long toddler legs

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sleeplessinderbyshire Sun 26-Oct-14 20:41:08

I'm looking for a fotmuff for my daughter who is only 2 but 91st centile for height. Idealy it would go on my bugaboo cameleon and one the baby jogger city mini she uses with our nanny.

I had a JL one for the babyjogger but she's too tall, I've sold my wallaboo one as she's way way too tall for that. Any suggestions? (i suppose I could persuade my mum to sew one for me but that might take months...)

ireallydontlikemonday Sun 26-Oct-14 20:44:12

Buggy snuggles have zips so you can poke dirty boots / shoes out the end which could work although they are pretty long anyway.

Ihateparties Sun 26-Oct-14 22:14:27

Betty bramble ones are massive and seem to fit most things nicely.

sleeplessinderbyshire Mon 27-Oct-14 12:44:26

betty bramble look lovely but i'm agog at paying £68 for a footmuff

scotchfreeescapegoat Mon 27-Oct-14 13:36:55

did you have the small wallaboo one? the 12m-3y size seems quite generously sized. Was considering buying one for my very long 14 month old (18-24m sized in clothes).

I used to have a JJMB waterproof one for DD1 who was also a very tall baby/toddler. it fit the pram nicely and she has loads of room in it.

Iggly Mon 27-Oct-14 13:45:21

We used a kaiser footmuff. It doesn't attach to the top of the pushchair so can have it lower down on the legs.

NormaCore Sun 09-Nov-14 23:44:18

Kaiser here - still using it with large 2 and a half year old DS.

Victoria2002 Sun 09-Nov-14 23:47:22

Buggysnuggle, BUT can you make one or commission someone (at the local dry cleaner?) to stitch a zip into a fleece blanket as there's not much to them.

Squtternutbaush Mon 10-Nov-14 13:56:29

I have a furry buggysnuggle and its HUGE, my eldest used it until he was 3.5.

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